Kendrick Lamar Gives Powerful Performance & Hilarious Interview For March Madness [Watch]

first_imgKendrick Lamar was the headlining act at Houston’s NCAA March Madness Music Festival, which also aired during TBS’s coverage of the Final Four last night. One highlight from the performance was a heavy “untitled 07 | levitate” off his most recent surprise album, untitled unmastered. Watch the performance below: He was also guest on the pre-game show with Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Clark Kellogg earlier in the day. Watch how it all went down:[H/T CoS]last_img

Gregg Allman Cancels Tour Dates Through October Due To ‘Serious Health Issues’

first_imgGregg Allman has officially cancelled all tour dates through October 16, starting with his performances at Peach Music Festival, where he was to play with his own band along with the String Cheese Incident, for a super-collaboration dubbed the Gregg Allman Incident. The tour is cancelled from the upcoming Peach Fest through his scheduled appearance at the Clearwater, FL Jazz Festival on October 16 due to “serious health issues.” Allman’s health has been of concern lately, as he’s been forced to cancel several of his recent performances.Allman is currently under doctor’s care at the Mayo Clinic, according to a press release, but plans to return for his very own Laid Back Festival at the Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlanta, GA, on October 29. All scheduled performances after October 29 are currently scheduled to still take place, including the recently announced ten-night residency at City Winery.Allman penned this note with the unfortunate announcement:I want to thank my fans and friends for supporting me while I rest up and focus on getting better and back on the road as soon as I can,” Allman says. “I’ve been working hard with my band, my pride and joy, to play our music for everyone. We’ll see y’all in October.Get well soon, Gregg.last_img read more

A Tribe Called Quest’s New Album Will Feature Kendrick Lamar, Elton John, Jack White & More

first_imgThe interview itself is a touching tribute to the late Phife Dawg, who recorded parts for the album just months before his untimely death. “I hadn’t seen Phife that happy since we were kids,” says Q-Tip in the interview, discussing how the popularity of Quest ultimately damaged their friendship. To get together and record this final album before Phife’s passing must have been a truly special moment for A Tribe Called Quest, and we can’t wait to hear it.We Got It From Here, Thank You for Your Service is due out on November 11th via Epic Records. Though rumors had been building for some time, Q-Tip shocked the music world last week when he confirmed that a new album from A Tribe Called Quest (including the recently departed Phife Dawg) would be released on November 11th. Today, a major interview in the New York Times with Q-Tip and Jarobi White detailed the new release, including the album’s title, special guests, and more.We now know that the album will be called We Got It From Here, Thank You for Your Service, and the hip hop legends detailed an insane list of contributors for it. André 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Jack White, Elton John, and Busta Rhymes are all featured on the new album, supporting the full roster of A Tribe Called Quest members for the release. Interestingly enough, White and Andre were photographed with Jarobi, as well as Chris Rock, back in April. Now we know what it was for!last_img read more

Gene Ween, John Medeski, & More Lead Tribute To Led Zeppelin At Brooklyn Bowl [Videos]

first_imgLast night, a variety of artists from across the musical spectrum came together to play the music of Led Zeppelin at the Brooklyn Bowl in New York. Vocalist Gene Ween, pianist John Medeski, and guitarist/vocalist Scott Ian (of Anthrax) led the brigade through a furiously awesome tribute to the English rock band. The musical mix up of characters provided quite the rock and roll paradise, with the Ween frontman singing the hell out of Robert Plant‘s parts of the legendary songbook that Zeppelin holds.Thanks to a couple of social media savvy concert-goers, we can get a glimpse of the magic in the below videos.Watch “When The Levee Breaks” at the Zeppelin Bowl, courtesy of YouTube User noochnooch:Some Instagram users were on site as well, providing the below evidence:last_img read more

Greensky Bluegrass Covers Hendrix, Grateful Dead Classics, Welcomes Fruition In Fantastic DC Finale [Full Audio]

first_imgLast night, Greensky Bluegrass continued to prove that they’re among the most exciting live bands out there today, putting on an impressive performance on the third and final night of their run at Washington D.C.’s 9:30 Club. After another great opening set from Portland quintet Fruition, Greensky opened their performance with an excellent run through “Bring Out Your Dead,” off their 2011 release Handguns. “Less Than Supper” followed, before the band dove into “Burn Them” with Kevin Gregory on tambourine, marking the first of many guest sit-ins during the show.Next, the band delivered a “What’s Left Of The Night” > “Miss September” one-two punch followed by renditions of Jimmy Martin‘s “Hit Parade of Love” and “200 Miles From Montana” from 2008’s Five Interstates. The band closed the first set with a must-hear “Broke Mountain Breakdown” infused with a cover of Jimi Hendrix classic “The Wind Cries Mary.”Greensky opened set two with “Past My Prime” and “Ride or Die”  from last year’s Shouted, Written Down, & Quoted. From there, the band began a seamless segment of tunes, segueing into a cover of Bruce Springsteen‘s “Wings For Wheels” followed by a fantastic Grateful Dead sandwich that saw the band inject a cover of “Eyes of the World” into Handguns cut “Don’t Lie.” “Merely Avoiding” came next, followed by “Demons” featuring Gregory, Guido Batista, and Fruition’s Mimi Naja. Next, the band launched into “Jaywalking” with Fruition drummer Tyler Thompson. By the end of the “Jaywalking,” the rest of Fruition had joined Thompson and Greensky onstage for a stomping version of Fruition’s “Death Comes Knockin’” led by Naja on vocals. Finally, the Fruition-Greensky tag team closed the set with Bob Dylan‘s “Tonight I’ll Be Staying With You.”Thanks to Taper Jeff on, you can enjoy full audio of the performance:Setlist: Greensky Bluegrass | The 9:30 Club | Washington, D.C. | 2/4/17Set 1: Bring Out Your Dead, Less Than Supper, Burn Them (1), What’s Left of the Night > Miss September, Hit Parade of Love, Nine Days, 200 Miles From Montana, Broke Mountain Breakdown > Wind Cries Mary >Broke Mountain BreakdownSet 2: Past My Prime, Run or Die > Wings For Wheels >Don’t Lie >Eyes of the World >Don’t Lie, Merely Avoiding, Demons (2) (3), Jaywalking (4) (5)> Big Shot (4), Death Comes Knockin (6), Tonight I’ll Be Staying With You (6)(1) – Kevin Gregory on tambourine(2) – w/ Mimi Naja, Kevin Gregory, & Guido Batista on Demon Dance(3) – lyric change to “Molly Groat and Christian Schauman”(4) – w/ Tyler Thompson on drums(5) – unfinished(6) – w/ Mimi Naja, Jay Cobb Anderson, Kellen Asebrook, Tyler ThompsonYou can catch Greensky and Fruition next this Tuesday and Wednesday at the Rex Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA. For a full list of dates, visit Greensky Bluegrass’s website.last_img read more

“Long Strange Trip” Grateful Dead Documentary To Be Screened At San Francisco International Film Festival

first_imgOn May 28th, the long-awaited Grateful Dead documentary Long Strange Trip will be made available to the masses via Amazon Prime Video after years of planning and buildup. Before the exhaustive examination of the iconic band is released on Amazon, the producers are taking the film on a trip of its own, showing it at various festivals and film events nationwide. One of these screenings has been scheduled in the band’s northern California hometown–San Francisco–at the 60th Annual SF International Film Festival on April 15th.Long Strange Trip takes a sprawling look at the history of one of the most influential bands in American music history features in-depth interviews from roadies, band members and extended Dead family members, along with incredible unseen behind-the-scenes and live footage spanning from the band members’ childhood through the various rungs of their climb to success.The film’s director, Amir Bar-Lev, is scheduled to be in attendance at the screening. Credited producers include Eric Eisner, Nick Koskoff, Ken Dornstein and Alex Blavatnik. Additional producers include Justin Kreutzmann. Executive producers include legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese and surviving Grateful Dead members Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir.The SF International Film Festival screening of the film will take place on April 15th at 6:30 Pacific Time at the Castro Theatre. Tickets for the screening are available here.[You can watch a clip from the film below, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly]:[h/t – JamBase][Cover photo via SF International Film Festival]last_img read more

Celebrate Paul McCartney’s 75th Birthday And His Recent Knighthood Elevation With These Classic Songs

first_img“All My Loving” (1963):“Yesterday” (1964):“Eleanor Rigby” (1966):“Helter Skelter” (1968):“Maybe I’m Amazed” (1970):“Band On The Run” (1973):“Live and Let Die” (1973):“Say Say Say” with Michael Jackson (1983):“Dance Tonight” (2007):“My Valentine” featuring Eric Clapton (2012): Today marks the 75th birthday for one of the most prolific and legendary musicians and songwriters of the 20th century, Sir Paul McCartney. Born on June 18, 1942 in Liverpool, England, McCartney has been a huge presence in music over that past half-century, undoubtedly shaping the sound of music as we know it today and indefinitely extending into the foreseeable future. His musical influence has not gone unnoticed — as Rolling Stone reports, after three-quarters-of-a-century on this Earth and twenty years after he was first knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, over the weekend, McCartney earned yet another honor. The famous Beatle’s rank was elevated to Companion of Honour for his services to music, joining musicians like Vera Lynn, Evelyn Glennie, and Janet Baker and other famous folks, such as Stephen Hawking, Ian McKellen, Judi Dench, and J.K. Rowling.A Swashbuckling Paul McCartney Keeps The Rockstar Swagger Alive In New “Pirates” FilmPaul McCartney and Elvis Costello Unreleased Duet “Twenty Fine Fingers” Surfaces [Listen]The iconic musician is still going strong after seventy-five years and shows little sign of slowing down. McCartney can still be found frequently hitting the road and playing nearly three-hour shows that explore his immense catalog. The Beatle has written some of the most classic and timeless songs over the past century, regardless of whether it was with the Beatles, Wings, or as a solo artist. To honor his elevation to Companion of Honour and to celebrate Macca’s 75th birthday, we decided to give a listen to a list of songs that McCartney has written over the years. Hope you enjoy, and a very happy birthday to Sir Paul McCartney!last_img read more

EXCLUSIVE: Gramatik Discusses New Concept Album, Donald Trump, Nikola Tesla, And Crypto-Culture

first_imgGramatik has always been an artist that pushes the limits and uses music to explore the depths of sound. For his latest release Re:Coil Part I, the NYC-based producer and DJ went a step further, using the album to drop some serious knowledge on fans—Re:Coil Part I was inspired by scientist Nikola Tesla and his altruistic idea to provide the world with free energy. While conceptually the album is (literally) heady, the music itself is grounded, with Gramatik teaming with the likes of Soulive/Lettuce guitarist Eric Krasno, hip-hop legend Talib Kweli, and fellow Lowtemp Records label mate Balkan Bump to help bring the project to life. Along with new music, Gramatik recently announced his return to the Five Boroughs for a special New Year’s Eve journey at Terminal 5 on December 31st with Big Wild, Ramzoid, and Cobrayama (get tickets here).Gramatik Bringing Beats To The Five Boroughs On New Year’s EveLive For Live Music had the chance to chat with Gramatik a couple of weeks ago while he was on tour in Europe. We spoke with the renowned DJ and producer about the difference between American and European crowds, his latest effort Re:Coil Part I, why Tesla was such a major influence on the album, and his recent foray into crypto-culture with the release of his own currency token. Check out our interview with Gramatik and listen to Re:Coil Part I in its entirety below.Re:Coil Part I Live For Live Music: How is your current European tour going?Gramatik: We just started the tour in Europe and so far, the first two dates in Luxembourg and Lyon were great. Looking forward to the whole tour. I always have fun on European tours because the crowds are so different here.L4LM: How responsive are the crowds in Europe compared to those in the States?Gramatik: It all depends on the energy you put in the show. The French are probably one of the craziest crowds in Europe—they always crowd surf and go really wild. More north, you get more reserved people that just enjoy the show. South and east, that’s where it gets really crazy. Greeks dance sirtaki at my shows, and the French mosh. Everywhere is a little bit different, while in the U.S., the responses are very similar east to west. You notice that it’s truly all one country, one culture.L4LM: Why is Nikola Tesla such a huge influence to you and for your new album, Re:Coil Part I?Gramatik: Nikola Tesla comes from the the ex-Yugoslavian region like myself, and his idea and effort to give the world free energy was one of the most altruistic ideas of all time. Imagine where we would be right now if everyone had free electricity—if we didn’t know greed and wars because of oil. And yet, we elect people like Donald Trump who want to stop all progress made as civilization. So Re:Coil is my answer to these happenings.The word ‘recoil’ also means to shrink, flinch, wince, blench, quail, or draw back in fear or distaste, and implies a movement away from shock, fear, or disgust. That’s how Trump and alike made me feel, how the current state of the world makes me feel. Re:Coil also refers to the fact that we brought back the original Tesla Coil-inspired stage design in an updated, more-epic setup, plus ‘re-coil’ could mean to coil something again. So this is where Nikola Tesla comes back into the picture. More people like him, less people like Trump. With The Age Of Reason, I thought we were getting there—to the actual age of reason—but I was wrong… Age of Re:Coil.L4LM: How were you able to take the ideas and inventions of Tesla and conceptualize that into music?Gramatik: Tesla made me appreciate science more. I became inspired by people and ideas that were or are truly trying to steer humanity on the right path. That’s why I have songs named by “Satoshi Nakamoto”, “War Of The Currents” referring to the AC/DC war between Edison and Tesla, “Future Crypto”, “Room 3327”, “Corporate Demons”, and so on, on the new album. I try to make statements with my music, and I like to stimulate people’s minds. Knowledge and thinking is what makes us human.L4LM: Tell us a little bit more about your working with SingularDTV and becoming the first artist to release your own GRMTK token?Gramatik: I always supported peer-to-peer sharing and always gave my music away for free. I uploaded my music to PirateBay back in 2010, and I was the third-most legally downloaded artist on BitTorrent‘s own distribution platform. That’s why embracing crypto-culture and the new blockchain-based technologies working towards decentralization is my next logical step.Soon, I’ll be launching my own token, GRMTK, in collaboration with SingularDTV. This revolutionary new approach promises a convergence of network and data that will allow creators to bypass gatekeepers and intermediaries and seize control of their intellectual property. Fans will be investing directly in my art, and they will get a share in all my future earnings and royalties. This finally means complete independence and no more middle men. Soon many others will follow—this is just the beginning.Tickets for Gramatik’s New Years Eve celebration at NYC’s Terminal 5 are currently 0n-sale and can be purchased here. For event updates and additional information, join the Facebook Event page.Enter To Win VIP Tix For 4 + A Champagne Meet & Greet With Gramatik + Signed Merch Below!last_img read more

Watch Tank And The Bangas Cover Anderson .Paak At NPR 10th Anniversary Party

first_imgTank and the Bangas stole our hearts over the last ten months. After winning NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest in February of 2017, the poetry-twirling, NOLA-based soul sensations have made headlines nationwide, spreading the gospel of their refreshing, energetic performances. Mixing R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, and Spoken Word, Tank and the Bangas are as original as they come. Out of 6,000 entrants, they were the chosen one (unanimously, we might add)—and with great reason. It’s no wonder Trey Anastasio called them “a psychedelic joy rap explosion. Like a female Sly Stone teleporting into 2017 and landing in New Orleans.” He continued, “I love this video. It makes me want to be there. I saw so many amazing musicians while judging this year’s Tiny Desk Contest . . . Thousands of entries from all 50 states. One winner . . . ”EXCLUSIVE: Tank of Tank and the Bangas Contemplates Inspiration, Poetry, And ConfidenceStill riding the high from winning NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest, the poetry-twirling, NOLA-based soul sensations known as Tank and the Bangas have made headlines nationwide, spreading the gospel of their refreshing, energetic performances.  Out of 6,000 entrants, they were the chosen one (unanimously, we might add)—and with great reason.Mickey Hart Announces Solo Album, Drops New Singles With Avey Tare & Tank BallFor NPR’s 10th anniversary party at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C., Tank and the Bangas headlined the event as the 8th act to grace the stage. The group wasted no time in getting the crowd hyped with their original “Crazy”, which led into their own “Quick”–the song they recorded for the winning NPR application. From there, Tank led the band through an exciting cover of “Come Down” by Anderson .Paak. While remaining close to their roots, and creating their own version out of the cover, Tank and the Bangas’ rendition of the song brought the audience to a new level of appreciation. Tank then took the opportunity to invite the NPR staff to the stage to share a toast of gratitude, celebrating the team that helped make her dreams–along with many others–come true. With the staff on stage, Tank and the Bangas group closed their set with “Brady’s”.You can watch the full set below. Visit Tank and the Bangas tour dates on the band’s website.last_img read more

High Sierra Music Festival Announces Loaded 2018 Late Night Lineup

first_imgToday, High Sierra Music Festival has announced the late night lineups for their 28th annual event this summer. Set to take place July 5th – 8th in Quincy, CA, the festival organizers have loaded the after-hours roster with some of the finest funk, jam, and bluegrass acts on their 2018 lineup for two separately-ticketed late night shows each night at the festival’s High Sierra Music Hall and Funk’n Jamhouse.On Thursday, July 5th, Lebo & Friends will hit at High Sierra Music Hall with Twiddle while Spafford and Scott Pemberton Band will hold down the Funk’n Jamhouse. Friday night, July 6th will see The Motet with The Nth Power at High Sierra Music Hall and Lotus with SoDown at Funk’n Jamhouse. On Saturday, July 7th, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and Ghost Light will play the HSMH while The Floozies and The Russ Liquid Test occupy the Funk’n Jamhouse late night slot. Finally, Sunday, July 8th’s late night will see Lettuce and Sister Sparrow And The Dirty Birds at HSMH and Fruition with Grateful Bluegrass Boys at Funk’n Jamhouse to round out the High Sierra weekend festivities.Other artists set to perform at High Sierra Music Festival include The String Cheese Incident (two nights), Sturgill Simpson, Grace Potter, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, The Wood Brothers, Foundation of Funk, The California Honeydrops, Turkuaz, Margo Price, Billy Strings, Rising Appalachia, Skerik Band, New Orleans Suspects, Jazz Is PHSH, Birds of Chicago, Y La Bamba, Nathan Moore, Cris Jacobs, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, City of Trees Brass  Band, Steve Poltz, Jupiter & Okwess, The Barr Brothers, Antibalas, Hippo Campus, Ernest Ranglin, The Family Crest, Jon Stickley Trio, Mt. Joy, Pixie & The Partygrass Boys, and more. To see the full lineup, head here.Tickets for all of the High Sierra Music Festival late night shows are available here. Ticket buyers must also have a multi-day festival wristband, available now via the festival website.last_img read more