Ronaldo taking lessons from Zidane! See Madrid legend take training for the first time

first_img Click the arrow above, right, for more pictures 5 Zidane and Ronaldo pictured during the Frenchman’s first training session as manager – click the arrow above for more pictures 5 5 Click the arrow above, right, for more pictures center_img 5 Click the arrow above, right, for more pictures Less than 24 hours after replacing Rafael Benitez as Real Madrid boss, Zinedine Zidane took his first training session as manager.The Frenchman won the Champions League with the club as a player and is now tasked with trying to claim an 11th success in the competition, as well as hunting down Barcelona in La Liga.Zidane’s playing credentials are impeccable, so it will be fascinating to see how he does in his first managerial role, in arguably the toughest job in football.What do you think about Zidane’s appointment? Comment below. 5last_img read more

Chelsea fan fury: ‘I am dumbfounded by the John Terry news. Simply a disgrace’

first_img1 Chelsea captain John Terry will leave in the summer John Terry has told reporters he will be leaving Chelsea at the end of the season.The former England international’s contract is set to expire in the summer, and, speaking to reporters after his side’s fourth-round FA Cup victory over MK Dons, he has confirmed his current deal will not be renewed.The news will come as a shock given Branislav Ivanovic, who was too set to become a free agent in June, has recently penned a one-year extension.So, how do the club’s fans feel at the prospect of the Stamford Bridge legend being shown the exit?Here’s what they’ve had to say in response to the shock news…last_img read more

Study looks at toddlers’ sleep

first_imgBy Felice J. Freyer THE PROVIDENCE JOURNAL PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Anyone who has cared for toddlers knows that many mysteries lurk in the 2- and 3-year-old brain. One of the biggest concerns their sleep. How much do they need? Why does one child conk out at 7 p.m. while others are still playing outside? When and why will he stop napping? Does it matter if he skips the nap? AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREChargers go winless in AFC West with season-ending loss in Kansas CityYou won’t find answers in the parenting books. Almost nothing is known about the biological processes that determine when and how much a preschooler sleeps, nor what happens when she doesn’t sleep enough. That’s because – as anyone who has cared for a toddler can understand – research on children this age is exceedingly difficult. Fortunately for concerned parents and curious sleep scientists, Monique K. LeBourgeois has entered the breach. A research professor at Brown University, LeBourgeois and two assistants have been visiting cooperative families in their homes, where they befriend the resident toddler, use games, books and toys to keep the little one awake, and measure the results. Their laboratory consists of portable file boxes and computer-stuffed backpacks; their skills include Play-Doh sculpture, nose-wiping and cuddling. “It takes time and effort,” LeBourgeois says. “You have to be in tune to the young kid.” With grants from the National Institute of Mental Health and drug-maker Sepracor, LeBourgeois is studying how skipping or delaying a nap – they call it “nap deprivation” – changes youngsters’ behavior and emotions. As far as she knows, she’s the first person ever to examine the question. It’s a crucial question. During the period from 2 to 5 years old, children’s sleep patterns reorganize, making the transition from once-a-day napping to staying awake all day. At the same time, this is the period when they are learning some independence and self-control. Preschools and kindergartens are questioning whether to replace naptime with more learning. But does skipping a nap affect a child’s ability to learn? “(LeBourgeois’) research will give us the first peek into what’s going on at this development stage with how the brain is trying to organize sleep,” says Mary A. Carskadon, director of the Bradley Hospital Sleep and Chronobiology Research Lab, whose work on adolescents has made her one of the best-known sleep researchers in the country. “That will help us understand more about how parents should be viewing sleep and helping their children manage sleep at this young age.” Recently, LeBourgeois took her traveling sleep lab to a quiet neighborhood in Cranston, R.I., to visit 3-year-old Genevieve Steever. Genevieve had participated in a 25-day study last winter, and she’s going to repeat the process a year later. The researchers wanted to reacquaint her with the procedures so she’ll be at ease when the experiment resumes. LeBourgeois’ research assistant, Katherine G. Garlo, sat on the living room floor with blond-haired Genevieve. The little girl covered her face in a fit of shyness. “Do you want to sit on my lap?” Garlo asked her gently. Genevieve cried. “I want my mommy.” Her mother, Michelle Steever, rushed in and scooped her onto her lap. Genevieve was quickly soothed, and Garlo handed cotton rolls to the girl and her mother. “How do I do it?” Genevieve put the roll in her mouth and chewed it. “Will you put it in the machine?” Garlo asked Genevieve. She dropped her cotton stick into a centrifuge the size of a microwave oven, and Garlo set it spinning. In a few seconds Garlo pulled out test tube containing about a teaspoon of spit. “Look how much you got!” The saliva, collected on many occasions throughout the study, is analyzed for levels of the hormone melatonin. An increase in melatonin makes it easier to fall asleep and indicates that the brain’s “clock” – the internal system that regulates sleeping and waking – is moving its hands toward nighttime. At other times, the saliva will be tested for levels of cortisol, a hormone released during stress. Early results from the first 10 participants showed surprising variation in the time of day when melatonin levels started to rise. Some children’s brains were ready for sleep as early as 6:15 or 6:30p.m., while others went as late as 8:30. But all tended to have melatonin boosts at least two hours earlier than adults or adolescents. On five days during the study, the researchers manipulate sleep times by keeping the children stimulated with activities through naptime or past the usual bedtime. Then they put the children to sleep with electrodes attached to the scalp, face, shoulder and side. How do you get a toddler to wear electrodes to sleep? With lots of practice. Genevieve Steever, who called the electrodes “sleep stickers,” would wear them every night, even when there was no sleep study, her mother said. When the researchers return in a few months, the stickers will go live. They’ll measure brain waves, eye movements, muscle activity and heartbeat while the child sleeps – patterns that reveal the body’s “hunger” for sleep.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

LAX leader proposes charging OC to fly

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.Zifkin dusted off the failed idea to make Orange County literally pay for placing a series of growth caps at John Wayne Airport near Newport Beach, while also voting down an international airport at a decommissioned Marine Corps air station at El Toro. “Their decision to burden LAX should be shared, and I believe a fee would be a very appropriate way to do that,” said Zifkin, an executive with the William Morris Agency. “If this is something we are able to do, it is something that needs to be discussed.” But Orange County residents said their wallets shouldn’t be squeezed by Los Angeles. “LAX is the principal airport in the region, and it’s just natural for people to use it because it’s the only way people can get to certain destinations,” said Leonard Kranser, a south Orange County resident who successfully led the opposition to building an airport at the El Toro air station. “Slapping a fee against us will only increase antagonism and create some showmanship in the political arena,” he said. “Their thinking is as parochial as Orange County deciding to charge L.A. residents to access Disneyland or our beaches. We aren’t the only county using LAX.” By Art Marroquin STAFF WRITER Share the burden or cough up the cash. That’s the message airport commissioner Walter Zifkin sent this week by suggesting Orange County residents be charged a special fee to use Los Angeles International Airport. In a survey of nearly 28,000 passengers flying out of LAX last year, 13 percent came from Orange County, according to figures provided by Los Angeles World Airports, the city agency that operates the airport. In contrast, 77.7 percent of the airport’s passengers came from Los Angeles County, while about 9.3 percent of those surveyed came from a combination of San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, San Diego and counties designated as “other.” LAX served more than 61 million passengers last year, but city officials agreed to limit the airport’s growth to 78.9 million passengers annually and seek out ways to regionalize air traffic to other local airports under the terms of a settlement reached in 2005 with the county, three cities and the community group Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion. The Los Angeles Mayor’s Office did not return several phone calls seeking comment on Zifkin’s proposal. Denny Schneider, ARSAC’s president, called the plan “confusing.” “Of course I would encourage Orange County to start taking a portion of the air traffic burden, but I’m not sure how they would implement this,” Schneider said. “If they can make it work, then it would be great.” Zifkin brought up the proposal Tuesday just before the airport commission agreed to seek out a contractor to install a cashless taxi cab fee collection system at LAX. Zifkin suggested that a similar automatic payment system be put in place for Orange County residents making their way to LAX by cab or limousine. “That idea triggered in my mind that we could use some sort of electronic pass for them to get into the airport,” Zifkin said. “We need to seriously find out whether or not there’s a way to do this.” Frank Mateljan, a spokesman for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, said he had not heard about Zifkin’s request for a study. He said it’s unclear whether such a fee would be legal. Zifkin said a report could come before the Board of Airport Commissioners in as soon as two weeks. This isn’t the first time a Los Angeles airport commissioner has asked city lawyers to determine whether it would be legal to single out Orange County residents for a fee to use the airport. Back in 2000, Leland Wong and airport commissioners appointed by then-Mayor Richard Riordan called on the City Attorney’s Office to develop creative measures to force Orange County residents to pay a fee to use LAX. The plan turned out to be illegal under federal laws. Two years later, former Assemblyman George Nakano introduced a bill that suggested counties refusing to build airports to serve their share of the region’s air traffic should forfeit state transportation funds. While the state Legislature approved Nakano’s measure, it was eventually vetoed by then-Gov. Gray Davis. But the return of such a proposal demonstrates the frustration among some in Los Angeles who want to divert air traffic from LAX to other Southern California airports. City officials are studying Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s proposal to charge a road toll to motorists driving from outside Los Angeles County to LAX. Funds raised from the toll would go toward transportation projects, including a 2-mile extension of the Metro Green Line to LAX. While Rosendahl’s plan doesn’t single out Orange County the way Zifkin’s does, the councilman said his neighbors to the south should step up efforts to share the burden of the region’s increasing air traffic. “I want to work with Orange County, but these fees are a good thing to look into,” said Rosendahl, whose district includes LAX. “Orange County still doesn’t see that we’re all in this together, but we hope that changes over time.” Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach disputed Rosendahl’s claim, pointing to a major expansion effort under way at John Wayne Airport. A new terminal with six gates is slated for completion in four years. “I get the sense that LAX doesn’t want to play ball with us, and I’m a little disappointed because we are stepping up to the plate,” said Moorlach, whose district includes John Wayne Airport. “This fee proposal only undermines any kind of relationship we’re trying to build.” Orange County officials agreed to limit John Wayne Airport to 10.3 million passengers, growing incrementally to 10.8 million passengers by 2015. A curfew limiting the hours airplanes can land and take off at the Orange County airport remains in place until 2020, under a settlement reached in 1985 between the county and Newport Beach residents who were upset about living beneath the airport’s flight path. Renewed efforts are under way to keep the airport from growing any further, according to Newport Beach resident Melinda Seely, president of AirFair, a community group launched five years ago to limit growth at John Wayne Airport. “We don’t want to see growth at John Wayne, but we really lost out with El Toro,” said Seely, who explained that the airport issue had exploded into a near-civil war that pitted northern Orange County residents against their neighbors to the south. “I know we’re talking out of both sides of our mouth in some people’s estimation, but we really don’t feel that we can handle any more traffic at John Wayne,” Seely said. “We would much rather send the traffic somewhere else.” The Marine Corps air station at El Toro was decommissioned in 1999 but had four runways that were immediately capable of handling commercial flights. Orange County residents balked at the airport concept, however. They approved a proposal in 2002 to convert the 4,700-acre air station into a giant park rather than an international airport that would have served 18 million to 28 million passengers annually. “I’ve always thought it was a shame that we lost the opportunity to have a ready-made commercial airfield that could have become an important airport,” Zifkin said. “I don’t know if Orange County is even concerned with the problems we have at LAX. Their vote showed that they are only concerned with themselves.” [email protected] local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_img10.30PM latest: DONEGAL IS BEING pounded tonight with constant snow storms – the county’s worst snowfall for almost 30 years – and there is now a highly unusual ’emergency weather warning’.A spokesman for Met Eireann has confirmed the snowfalls of the last 24 hours have been the worst for decades – and it just keeps on coming with drifting in areas.And tonight roads are being closed as Gardai plead with people NOT to travel unless it is an emergency. Many of the main towns – usually the scene of Christmas party-goers – are empty. An ’emergency weather warning’ means people should not travel unless it is a realy emergency.A snow plough has broken down on the Mountain Road outside Carndonagh foricng the road to close.At least another 30 centimetres of snow if due to fall overnight with temperatures remaining at freezing giving little hope of a rapid thaw.Deputy Dinny McGinley says vast tracks of Donegal, especially in the south-west of the county from Ardara to Dunfanaghy, have been completed untreated. He slammed the NRA for not getting enough salt stocks into Donegal despite warnings as far back as a month ago.Meanwhile shops are facing a Christmas trading disaster and have blamed the Government for hanging them out to dry during the heavy snowfalls.As Arctic-like blizzards blow across the county today, businesses in Letterkenny, Donegal Town, Buncrana and Ballyshannon say trade is well down.Hopes that today would be the first busy shopping day of the last weekend before Chrissmas have been dashed as shoppers were stuck at home.And with the cold snap expected to last until well into next week, they say many shops could be forced to close their doors in the New Year. CEO of Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce, Toni Forrester, said she was furious how the National Roads Authority had turned its back on Donegal.“We do not blame the council because they do not have enough salt and have to prioritise the roads they treat.“Letterkenny is one of the main shopping hubs of the North West and the town’s Main Street is like a skating rink because of the lack of salt provided by the NRA.“The bottom line is that for everyone €1,000 a business makes, it gives €210 of that back to the Government in VAT. The Government has let Letterkenny businesses and all other businesses in the North West down. “There is a lot of anger among business owners and Christmas was their one last hope at what has been a tough trading year for many. But many feel they are now facing an uphill battle to make the end of the year a profitable one.“The Government and the NRA knew this snow was coming. It was forecast but they didn’t prepare themselves and now businesses are paying the consequences,” she said.Many parts of Donegal were covered in up to six inches of snow as gales created blizzard-like conditions in many places.But with the National Roads Authority limiting the supply of salt, many roads have simply not been treated.Donegal County Council, which has just 1,000 tonnes of salt left, has been forced to salt just 370 kms of its primary routes compared with the 1,200 kms it treated last week.Senior Roads engineer Vincent Lynn said they have had no option but to contain the amount of salt they are using.“We have about 1,000 tonnes left and we have had to divide the roads into priority routes. We simply have no choice.“We are told more salt will be arriving by the middle of next week. We have done our best to get as much as we can,” he said.Killybegs Independent Colr Thomas Pringle says although the NRA told Donegal County Council it bought 80,000 tonnes for the region last July, only half of that was ever delivered.He added that huge parts of the county will now be cut off in the coming days and that the NRA will have to review their policy as a matter of urgency.In Ballyshannon and Bundoran, the army have come to the assistance of some schools with up to a dozen soldiers from Finner assisting in the gritting around schools.Ends10.30PM FRIDAY UPDATE: EMERGENCY WEATHER WARNING ISSUED – WORST SNOWFALL FOR 30 YEARS & MORE ON WAY was last modified: December 17th, 2010 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more


first_imgA unique new tour operator specialising in Irish music hopes to create up to ten new is a newly established tour operator based in Ardara.The brainchild of Sean Kearns, they are Ireland’s only dedicated traditional Irish music tour operator that focuses purely on traditional Irish music and culture. Their tours focus on the rich tradition of Irish Music in Donegal and includes tour options that take in the authentic traditional music venues in South West Donegal (Killybegs, Ardara, Dunkinelly, Gweedore and Arranmore Island) initially, with a plan to expand their tours to all Donegal.The tours are unique in that the musicians will travel on the tours with the guests and their Ireland-wide tours will have a particular focus on Donegal. They have a pool of 25+ musicians and the plan is to be bringing in 8000+ visitors to Donegal by 2017.Donegal is uniquely positioned having international recording artists such as Altan, Clannad, Enya and Fidil, to name a few, all coming from Donegal.It is hoped to create between 5 and 10 full time jobs by 2017 with a number of part time positions to be filled also. “We are consistently building on our tour options and, with the introduction of the Wild Atlantic Way, hope that local businesses, pubs and accommodation providers will benefit as they continue to grow. The response so far has been exceptional and full tours are expected in the coming months,” said a spokesman.For more details visit NEW DONEGAL MUSIC TOUR OPERATOR HOPES TO CREATE 10 NEW JOBS was last modified: June 24th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:ArdaradonegalIRISHMUSICTOURSSEAN KEARNSlast_img read more

Watford boss on Stoke defeat – ‘We weren’t focused. We forgot the plan’

first_img Watford lost 2-1 to Stoke City at Vicarage Road on Saturday afternoon 1 Quique Sanchez Flores denied Watford were suffering an FA Cup hangover after they slipped to a 2-1 defeat to Stoke City.The Hornets looked a pale shadow of the side which memorably beat Arsenal six days ago to reach the semi-finals.Goals in each half from Jonathan Walters and Joselu gave Stoke a comfortable victory despite Troy Deeney’s late consolation.But Vicarage Road boss Flores insists his players are not already thinking about their Wembley date with Crystal Palace next month.“I don’t know if last weekend had an effect but we are disappointed,” he said. “When we finally realised we were not in the match it was a little bit late.“We created chances in the final third of the game. But in the first half we were not completely focused. We forgot the plan. “We don’t play again in the FA Cup for a month. I don’t think the players are thinking about the semi-final, and if they are it would be a big mistake.”last_img read more

Inter Milan to beat Liverpool and Tottenham to in-form Lazio winger?

first_img1 Lazio forward Antonio Candreva has been in great form this season Inter Milan are lining up a summer loan offer for Liverpool and Tottenham target Antonio Candreva.All three clubs were linked with the Lazio winger during January but were put off by the £22million asking price.Liverpool have been tipped to go back for the 29-year-old this summer but they may lose out to Inter, who are making plans for their approach already.According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, the San Siro club are willing to offer a year-long loan package, including a loan fee paid in installments and an option to buy at the end of next season.Candreva is an important member of the first team at Lazio and has made 23 Serie A appearances this term, scoring seven goals.However it has been suggested that, with Candreva turning 30 in February and his contract up in 2019, Lazio may decide to move him on in order to raise funds.last_img read more

Las Palmas 4-0 Espanyol: Goal friendly Los Amarillos thrash Periquitos

first_img Nabil El Zhar scored the opening goal for Las Palmas 1 You can listen to live La Liga commentary on talkSPORT 2. For details of how to retune your radio, click here.An excellent second half display secured three points for Las Palmas, who overcame Espanyol 4-0 at Estadio Gran Canaria.Nabil El Zhar netted the opener on the brink of half-time, before Jonathan Viera, Pedro Bigas and Wakaso Mubarak each bagged one for themselves in a brilliant performance in the second period.Hernan Perez came close to scoring a consolation for the visitors in the 89th minute, but Periquitos never really threatened to take anything from the game.Espanyol remain just five points clear of the bottom three, and they are still wary of the fear of relegation, with more performances like this likely to send them down.Las Palmas have moved up to eighth place, only one point off the Europa League qualification places.last_img read more

Arsenal forward Oxlade-Chamberlain to miss Euro 2016 with knee injury

first_img1 Oxlade-Chamberlain hasn’t played since the Gunners’ Champions League defeat to Barcelona in February Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is set to miss Euro 2016, with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger revealing the forward has suffered a fresh knee injury which will keep him on the sidelines for a further TWO MONTHS.The 22-year-old hasn’t played since he suffered the initial problem during the Gunners’ Champions League defeat to Barcelona back in February.Having made 33 appearances this season, ‘The Ox’ was on his way back to fitness and was scheduled to feature for the Gunners’ under-21 side earlier in the week.But has now been hit by a second knee issue, which will unfortunately end any hopes he had of making the England squad for the upcoming European Championships this summer.“There is no chance,” Wenger said when asked if Oxlade-Chamberlain could make the Euros after confirming he faces six to eight weeks out.“I had a conversation with Alex and with our medical team and they told me he will back in July. He was out for a while and was not overloaded with games.“You want a guy of 22 years of age to go to the European Championships so it is very sad.”Wenger confirmed the injury occurred on Monday, just when Oxlade-Chamberlain was planning to make a comeback in the Under-21 meeting with Blackburn at the Emirates Stadium a day later.Fit-again pair Tomas Rosicky and Santi Cazorla both featured in the 2-1 win which saw Arsenal into the Under-21 Premier League Division Two final.But Oxlade-Chamberlain was missing and Wenger admits it is bad news all-round.“It is very sad,” he added.“He was physically ready and looking sharp. He had one week’s training last week, but he planned to play on Tuesday night but got injured on Monday morning.“It’s bad news. Alex was out for a while and he was not overloaded with games.“You want a guy of 22 years of age to go to the European Championships. It’s very bad. He’s an impact player as well so he could have had a great contribution to England’s success.“England had quite a few problems up front so I think it’s bad news.”last_img read more