Virat Kohli’s message on Women’s Day will fill you with pride!

first_imgIt’s impossible to keep Virat Kohli out of the news. If he is not busy scoring runs against the most daunting pace attacks in the world, the Delhi dasher inevitably makes the headlines over his alleged break-up and patch-up with a star girlfriend.But on Women’s Day, India’s Test captain took to social media to send out a special message to the fairer sex. Women today are the victims of stalking, eve-teasing and all kinds of sexual predators that walk the cities and villages of this country.Women have probably never felt more unsafe and even though police have started taking sterner action against miscreants, there is a need for greater empathy and understanding from the rest of the civil society.Kohli, one of the most respected public figures in India, wrote a few lines that are bound to resonate with women in India.Sorry for the jerks, the cat-callers, the stalkers. Don’t let them ruin it for the rest of us. Happy Women’s Day ?????? Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) March 8, 2016Dear girls,Sorry for the jerks.The whistlers.The cat-callers.The blank-callers.The won’t-stop-starers.The “frandship” stalkers.The “accidental” brushers.The glass-ceiling makers.Please don’t let themruin it for the rest of us.Happy Women’s Day.While we all go about wishing the best for the women in our lives, Kohli’s gesture could make them smile on a day that should be celebratred in spirit and with the right attitude.last_img

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