New Executive Director Chosen

first_imgAn executive director has been appointed to lead the new Officeof Immigration. Elizabeth Mills will begin her duties effectiveMonday, Feb. 21. “I’m very pleased to have this position filled quickly and withsuch a well-qualified person,” said Immigration Minister RodneyMacDonald. “The immigration strategy we released last week willrequire a tremendous amount of energy and collaboration amongpeople all over the province. Elizabeth is the ideal person tolead that process.” Ms. Mills has been a corporate policy analyst with Treasury andPolicy Board for the past five years and was extensively involvedin developing the immigration strategy. Prior to her Treasury andPolicy Board role, Ms. Mills was executive director of VoluntaryPlanning, an advisory group to the provincial government. “Elizabeth played a key role in the development of theimmigration strategy,” said deputy minister Bob Fowler. “Thepassion and skill that she brought to that job make her anexcellent fit for this leadership assignment.” “I’m thrilled to have this opportunity,” said Ms. Mills. “Theimmigration strategy will have a very significant impact on thefuture of the province. The job has the added bonus of allowingme to work closely with all of the private sector, academic andgovernment partners I’ve enjoyed dealing with over recent years.” The Office of Immigration is the result of extensiveconsultations last fall with business, labour, industry,education and training partners, and the general public on aFramework for Immigration – A Discussion Paper. Based on publicinput the province drafted the provincial immigration strategy. Subsequently, Cabinet approved the establishment of the Office ofImmigration to implement the strategy, in active partnership withNova Scotians. Successful implementation will require theinvolvement and support of service-providing organizations, cultural, ethnic and religious groups, labour, business andprofessional organizations, community organizations, regionaldevelopment authorities and all three levels of government. The job of the Office of Immigration is to co-ordinate theefforts of these groups. This will enable the province to reachits objective of more than doubling the number of immigrants whomove to Nova Scotia by 2010, increasing from 1,500 to 3,600 ayear. The other main goal will be to see 70 per cent of theimmigrants who arrive during the 2006-11 census period make NovaScotia their permanent home.last_img

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