Groetzki injured – RNL hope to see Cupic back soon

← Previous Story Hungarians wins “Nation Cup” in Serbia! Next Story → Wisla Plock with Metallica’s songs preparing for the matches After the bad news for Rhein-Neckar Lowen that Patrick Groetzki is injured until the end of year in the game against Denmark at the Super Cup, now the club wants to see Cupic back as soon as possible. This has provoked Gudmundsson to give rather ironic statement saying he does “not remember was the team complete in the past season and this one”. For the record, RNL had Myrhol injured for a long time, and also Lijewski and Stojanovic were out for some time, and now the team hopeful to see Cupic back soon, the Groetzki injury comes as a new disturbance.

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