There is no Facebook phone but every handset could have Facebook

first_imgPeople can put the rumor to rest. There will not be a Facebook phone to compete against Google’s Android OS handsets or Apple’s iPhone. At least, there won’t be a a single phone. If Mark Zuckerberg has his way every phone will be a Facebook phone.Technologizer reported on Facebook’s press event on Wednesday which included the latest news around the social network’s mobile strategy. Details announced included:Updates to the Facebook app for Android and the iPhone to include support for Groups and Places. The Android app is expected to have much of the same functionality as the iPhone version after an update.Single sign-on to allow mobile apps to use Facebook credentials with one click and no password required. Current websites supporting single sign-on include Groupon, Flixter, Yelp and Booyah.API available for Facebook Places to allow third-party location-based services to interact with Places including the ability to read it, write to it and search it.A Deals feature has been added which will allow Facebook users to to find offers by local merchants using the Nearby optionFacebook’s goal is becoming clear, to have its hand in as many different social areas as possible, while remaining independent of any one hardware platform. By providing the hooks the social network allows any hardware manufacturer or mobile operating system developer to easily integrate Facebook functionality. By default Facebook becomes available on every platform meaning no need for Facebook to get into hardware.I did find it hard to believe that Facebook would try to get into the highly competitive arena of mobile phones. Nice to see they were smart enough to stick with what they are good at.Read more at Technologizerlast_img

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