Rage 2 Officially Announced Wont Have Loot Boxes

first_imgStay on target Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. These Are the Games You Should Check Out This MonthHands-On: ‘Rage 2’ Is ‘Doom’ Meets ‘Fallou… center_img Weeks before its annual E3 press event, Bethesda has released the first gameplay trailer for Rage 2.In the trailer, we see all manner of punks and monsters fighting each other across deserts and forests. Combat has the same frenetic energy of titles like Doom and Bulletstorm. The game doesn’t seem to have a problem throwing dozens of enemies at the player character. In addition to guns, the player has the ability to super jump and to push enemies away with a kinetic blast. Like the original, Rage 2 looks absolutely stunning. There’s a lot of eye candy to enjoy here.This entry is a collaboration between id Software and Avalanche Studios. In case you didn’t know, Avalanche is responsible for the Just Cause series. Given their expertise with open-world games, we can assume Rage 2‘s world will be vast and full of interesting activities to partake in.Speaking to the German publication, GameStar (with translation by GamingBolt), id Software studio director Tim Willits, revealed that Rage 2 won’t have loot boxes. “We have this novel approach: You buy the game and then you play it,” said Willits when asked about loot boxes. The original Rage came at a time (2010) when loot boxes weren’t as prevalent (or even existed). Still, it is reassuring to know Rage 2 won’t contain one of modern gaming’s most notorious features.Last week, a Wal-Mart listing premature revealed Rage 2 (along with some other titles). This prompted Bethesda to quickly announce the game itself. Right now, we don’t have very many details about what this sequel contains. But with E3 just around the corner, it’s a safe bet we’ll see a lot more of Rage 2 soon. Just don’t expect the title to drop this year, as it was also announced Rage 2 will release sometime in 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.last_img

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