Sex Bot Maker Introduces Convenient Monthly Payments

first_img Like a car, house, or college tuition, sex robots are a long-term investment most people can’t afford out-of-pocket.Thankfully for randy Brits, Silicone Sex World has introduced a solution: financing.“At Silicone Sex World, we realize how important your doll is to you. More so, we recognize the investment you make when purchasing a sex doll,” the website said. “When looking to purchase such a high-value item, you may want to spread the cost over a period of time.”So, the company teamed up with credit broker Ideal 4 Finance to provide customers “the opportunity to be a doll owner, without the added pressure of having to save for months prior to purchasing.”The sex doll trade is built on the idea that rich, lonely people (mostly men) are willing to shell out hard-earned cash for a plastic companion. The reality, though, is that many of the folks itching for a taut toy are probably not making six figures a year, but rather live in their parents’ basement and work two jobs to pay for clothes and new video games.With full-sized figurines ranging from $1,120 to $4,095 (and that’s before add-ons), London-based Silicone Sex World is actually smart to offer the option of monthly payments.“It’s a rapidly growing industry and we want to make sure we are as competitive as we can be,” Richard Thorne, marketing manager at SSW, told The Sun. “There’s obvious payment benefits to this kind of finance option and it comes at an exciting time for the business.“Interest in our products has grown steadily over the last year and we want to make sure our great products are affordable to those who are interested in the sex doll experience,” Thorne added.Once potential buyers have sufficiently objectified women (and now men!) by choosing their ideal, perfectly molded partner, they can simply click on an Ideal 4 Finance banner to apply.Silicone Sex World promised rates as low as 4 percent, “depending on your circumstances,” and assured users that it remains “100 percent committed” to ensuring complete confidentiality for all clients.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Houston Mayor Fights Plans for Sex Doll BrothelAutonomous Sexbots Are the Future last_img

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