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Abstract: I love Shanghai for nearly four years, from the beginning to today’s Chinese master unsuspectingly, experienced too much, we want to have some experience in these years of work experience, including some feeling for everyone to share.

three: the title and creative. Explain here the title and the title of the site is not the same as your company, our company is the title of XXX solar company, here can not do this, otherwise it is difficult to attract users to click, can do: XXX solar energy, most people trust products. Wait。 More creative, creativity is the title shown below.

For example: When The

. What word the user search volume, which words users search for a small amount of user search which word is the intent of our customers, be sure to do the research, recommend the use of search tools for the background count, love Shanghai there, this must do several things.

speed is 09 years of e-commerce industry, professional university. After graduation, entered a Internet Co engaged in website development, do more than a year, feeling every day and dealing with the code is pretty boring, then dry with resigned in early 11 to a production of solar energy companies, began to love Shanghai bid, until now.

two: eliminate irrelevant keywords. For example: our company is specialized in solar energy, the word “solar” will lead to a lot of keywords, such as: solar lights, solar panels, solar energy and so on. These words must be blocked, because the word has nothing to do with the company’s business, search these words are basically very difficult to become the company’s customers, but also love Shanghai auction is the pay per click, it can save a lot of money.

joined the company that is really aggressive and energetic in high and vigorous spirits. University graduation, will understand the technology, marketing, as soon as possible to do the performance, let the leaders. When the company has to do network marketing, but also how to do a blank, I understand that to let the leaders support the work you must let them know what network marketing can bring benefits to the company, after all the benefits will have input, who will put the money out! So overnight wrote “a solar energy enterprise marketing plan”, second days to the company leadership. A few days later, I passed the plan, decided to try to make love in Shanghai bidding.

love Shanghai auction seems simple, but really is not easy to do. How to spend the least money, the most traded clients, there are too many.

I remember love Shanghai bidding on-line is afternoon after work, not just on the line assembly received a telephone consultation, the director of marketing at the scene, he was thrilled to. He saw the effect, it began to pay attention to network marketing, decided the same day let me be responsible for the company’s network marketing and promotion, of course, I also got a little better, from a clerk was promoted to supervisor.

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