The website stationmaster punished Mo complaining

owners do not want to see their website the punishment of the search engine, which is the most taboo as owners do not want to see things, but often you more taboo, it just to find you, if you paid attention to the search engine, is down right punished, so you do not come in, the blame on others, to know the reasons of cause, search engines have their own algorithms, it must be your website which operating in violation of the rules of it, otherwise it will not just tell you not to go, to deeply reflect on their own have done recently which operation as soon as possible to find the right down. The root of punishment is the key.

ROBOTS.TXT file is very important, if you are a careless wrong one letter, that are likely to lead to the spider can’t grab your site, some people do not know much about the code, even the most basic is to shield the search engine or accounts are not clear, how can it make search the engine successfully grab included your site, give you good rankings? Therefore, the webmaster is down right in the face of the site, when punished, do not worry, to check whether associated with their ROBOTS.TXT file, there is no right to write

?The file written correctly


from the content for the emperor King chain of

believes that don’t say you as a webmaster know why from the content, the chain of the bar, the two is the soul of the website, the core factors, ranking therefore, must arouse our attention, the site of punishment, first to see themselves in this aspect have done the content of the website is collected, or the original, the chain is the continued regular growth, or overnight explosion site is also appear surge situation? If your website appeared in such a situation, it is likely to cause the search engine anti sense, deweight on your web site.

is essential for the stability of the site, this also is the webmaster has been in the pursuit, but because some novice webmaster in at the beginning of the site of space, do not understand the host server, choose not to spend too much time and energy, often late site downtime, was tortured to death, but not easy to change if a server, exchange server will cause the site to drop right, the search engine punishment. However, the site often isn’t open, excessive downtime times, it means that the search engine spiders to crawl your site to get, because it will not come into your website, the website of normal because you have too little time has been in the open state. Micro-blog marketing blogger to remind the webmaster, when selecting a host must be especially careful, the host is HostEase I have been using the fast and stable space, and launched the latest be nothing difficult, the coupon code Oct25 in October, basic business purchased 25% discount, valid until 10>

site is often down

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