The website should have included the value of love will be included in Shanghai

website webmaster want to make your own website is recognized and included in Shanghai love, but love is not Shanghai Buddha, it is operating their own ideas, so webmaster want to site is love Shanghai included must also exhibit love Shanghai in terms of value, to ensure that the site has the meaning of love Shanghai recognized, especially for the new line website, web site has no value will not get the trust of the search engine to support, so the new site site value is more important, so the new website and how to establish the value of the site

is the last program host and the normalization problem, love Shanghai website is not only to see whether the site has included the content of value, but also love Shanghai analysis of the website loading speed, code and so on, at this point, the author gives some suggestions, I think if I can do that, the website it should better:

then to come up with this work to submit url love Shanghai search engine, the author launched 2 new sites this week, one is now the ranking of keywords in 10 to several, I just started also in accordance with the original method to search engine submission, but when the station received a long exchange a: you can use the information within the page URL submitted to a search engine, so I found it 2 pieces of content to write good original articles, and then according to the website submitted tips were submitted, second days on the front page of the site and submit two page is love Shanghai included, can be seen in the inside pages in the search engine from the high position, if you find that your website love Shanghai not included, then the appropriate use of the inside pages also can.

2, the site description must be combined with the Title Construction, general description of the site should be the induction into, so that to ensure the strengthening of the title of the website describing weight value.

1, through the website speed, the loading speed is qualified in the following space 1, only this kind of space is suitable for use.

3, see the code is complex, not artificial to love Shanghai grab the page to view your web page, but through a series of crawling code implementation, here must pay attention to simplify the code, the code is more simplified and love Shanghai.

1, the title of the site should have specific content according to special title write some original articles.

2, using DP software to test the host continuity and stability, at least 48 hours without testing, the best line.

first website before the line must ensure the high unity of content title and website, this is the prerequisite to guarantee the site could be included now love Shanghai, love Shanghai included sites the first requirement is related, don’t lose weight related website is the title, the content is breast enhancement, if you encounter this kind of situation your site must be search engine to pull into the blacklist, to be included in Shanghai can be difficult to love. The author gives some suggestions:


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