Use the Htaccess file settings function to enhance the website optimization effect

this picture is the default home page PHP typical, but a look at this website is written using the PHP language! But if the default home page open page is the HTML suffix, it does not necessarily mean that the home page is static, then we can check the root directory of the web site, there is no index.html or index.shtml the file, if not, that open or PHP file, if any, that still on the index.html and index.php files open, in contrast, to see if there is no difference, if there is a difference, that open or index.php file

in the web page index.html or index.php file, if it is index.php, then we can use the.Htaccess file settings! This time to copy a piece of

code! !After analyzing the

website optimization, from the original content is king, the chain for the emperor, has been the transition to the technical details of the start from scratch, showing the Shanghai dragon optimization skill, often only in this way, in order to succeed in the fierce competition, and take the default home page for the site, this is a very small details, but if not careful, but often will affect the optimization effect of Shanghai dragon! But generally speaking, it is difficult to modify the default home page site, prepared by the ASP station program often default home page is.Asp, with PHP prepared by the website, default is.PHP

although some good business space can solve the custom home function, but at present most of the space business or not this function, you need to set before, but why? This is the search engine for static pages more love, more conducive to search engine included, for the promotion of the website Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect is very useful! Then the space business does not support custom default home page, how should I do? This is to use the.Htaccess file settings! Let’s make a simple introduction! Take a look at the following chart

! ! Shanghai dragon

this code is difficult to understand the meaning, is actually set up a website to open the default Root Directory >

< Files ~ ” ^ (htaccess|htpasswd) $” >

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