The station optimization you three details neglected

breadcrumb navigation after our main navigation, bread crumbs, not only conducive to our optimization, but also have a very good role in promoting the friendly user experience. Then in the breadcrumb navigation details we need to pay attention to? For example we can fully be breadcrumb navigation to improve the site keywords ranking, we can put our keywords with bread crumbs navigation. We now see many site of the breadcrumb navigation home page link is to do the anchor text to "home", and we can take this place with our words. For example, breadcrumb navigation before A5 webmaster network: the web page » search; & Shanghai Longfeng » on the station optimization you three details I overlooked, and the recent optimization into stationmaster net » & search; Shanghai dragon » three points on the details, I neglected you station optimization. By improving the site keywords ranking from the details. As shown below:

: high quality "

three: in a page to minimize the link

I found a lot of enterprise website will ignore the problem, such as some enterprise introduction, telephone and so on page quality low on the main navigation above us, I think this is not conducive to our optimization, it will waste our weight of the site.

not the main navigation column arrangement ?

we can say the main navigation is one of our users the most visited area, and the search engines give us the weight of site navigation is quite high, thought that this area brings together the weights from all content pages come together, we can also describe this is to transfer the weights of the site of aorta. We need this area using reasonable, do not place placed some low quality pages in this area.


we are in the process of doing site of internal optimization, we not only need to consider the search engine index at the same time, we also need to consider the user friendly experience. We need to pay attention to in the construction of the chain from the aspects of the details, we only do the chain construction details, in order to make optimization to attain the result that we want. Then I will in the following three points to share their experiences of

The importance of

two: breadcrumb navigation can be combined with appropriate keywords

as the search engine for the algorithm is constantly updated, we can see a very clear signal that is the search engine for the site of the internal structure more and more attention. This if you want to search engine to leave a good impression, you not only do a few high quality of the chain can be, you also need to have a reasonable internal structure of solid backing station.

cannot ignore the details when we do within the chain construction, because.

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