Why is your website is the works of others

Many people know that

Chinese, copycat is a name that is a lot of people like this, take the Shanghai dragon in order to facilitate the optimization of the workers themselves, in order to complete the task and superfluous, will be an article up East West gather together into a thought "the original article" Meizhou Peida network tells you this is someone else the works, and then how to change can change the original author’s original intention, the author thought if it is wrong, then you will be up and doing promotion for the wrong information, more people will see this article to learn the things to learn.

then how can we get rid of the work of others, to build their own knowledge Daquan? Meizhou Peida network gives us 3 views:

we think not a star of a debut on the red hot, every successful person needs a stage, this stage of your efforts to learn.

in the vast sea, the most is the lack of information, but lack of fresh and lively is unique and innovative information, in this era of information overload, read every day are the same article, or are some of you are probably the same and be the most changeful, this article can really give users slobber help? These articles can really bring knowledge to the user? At present Meizhou Peida network that such content is really questionable, a lot of new Shanghai dragon accidentally fell into an old way to go inside, I would like to ask you why you are content with the works of others? This can really bring benefits to you

network that the emergence of this situation is because too many people are doing the same thing, in the absence of a little knowledge of novice Shanghai Longfeng, every day in addition to copy and paste, add new content to your site, and then to other sites that send a very good article, these contents are is an old topic, do not know how many people have seen, no value as well as new, more likely it is easy to mislead users and want to learn or need to stay away from the user, the search engine’s original intention, the purpose of search engine is set up to solve the needs of users, while you make rubbish for a long time, the search engine will pull you into the blacklist I think.

?Meizhou Peida

, a Shanghai dragon most needed is not a strategy, but the execution of

a lot of people say that Shanghai Longfeng optimization is done every day dull as ditch water, all is the same, Meizhou Peida network that these are new Shanghai dragon has done a really profound Shanghai Longfeng workers are never like this, let me emphasize off the work of others, to establish their own "knowledge Daquan" because you establish the work of many people will point out your mistakes, you only need to be corrected, you can learn a lot of things, and will meet a lot of optimization in Shanghai Longfeng workers engaged in this industry, the circle of friends is very important, to lay the foundation for your company, because these people I will need your help, you also need their help.

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