You want to make money by Shanghai Longfeng OK

of Shanghai Longfeng profitable way to

? Cooperate

1 single do pure optimization, this kind of work is the employment direction of Shanghai Longfeng direct guidance, many individuals or teams are doing, people would often assist independent blog for publicity, and the team will pay attention to the construction and the scale of their official website.

3 honest do Shanghai Longfeng related industries work, working for others, do a web series or the Commissioner of the chain are likely to become our choice, no stranger to non send a link, these are Shanghai Longfeng work within the industry.

4 soft writing, to a certain period of time by optimizing your blog done quite ideal degree can be appropriate for enterprises or businesses to write some text, this article through advertising like and receive a commission.

2 selection and individual operators, some employees are not satisfied with the Shanghai dragon take a single fixed commission, but the cooperation and the main site, we help you to do rankings, then you from the trading volume out of proportion to us, although the profit space big, but for technical requirements too much.

said Shanghai Longfeng, some webmaster would rank, and more owners will think of occupation. Yes, although the crazy love Shanghai, but it is undeniable that the Shanghai dragon is still an important means to get free traffic station, it is also for this reason, Shanghai Longfeng site still is necessary for many webmaster website. And if you want to rely on the Shanghai dragon business or make money, I think we should consider something a lot more, because after all, a technology rises to occupation planning level, this is not only the Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon does not have the development potential of

I think Shanghai dragon

I think this is many webmaster want to ask a word, because now love Shanghai again good optimization subject to changing moods, as long as the touch point voltage line will come to naught, so many owners began to doubt the prospect of Shanghai dragon. But I have a few close friends on the Internet company to do the optimization are full of gold and money, not as miserable as you said, as far as I am concerned, the reason why there are so many suspected Shanghai dragon voice, because we are the Shanghai dragon single, because the website optimization obviously can not just rely on such a business direction after all, now more and more people realize the importance of Shanghai dragon, the competition in the market environment is more and more excited >

5 software development, which is more advanced in the way, the profit level is certainly not to say, but for the requirements of the technical level is quite high.

What are the ?

6 Shanghai dragon training in this industry I think don’t have much to say, we are educated stationmaster, the inside of the issue is that some, if you stay longer in this industry, technology can also experience and contacts did not say, so it is still possible to do the training.

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