The marketing value of plastic how to do online brand marketing

: a good user experience

structure is clear and easy to query, after the user opens a web page, to leave the user with a clear structure of the website, users find the demand for products. Don’t ask why, because some customers are not good at query structure too complex websites. According to the division, unified navigation products category, but also affect customer focus on the first impression of the website. In addition should also include what? Structure clearer and more convenience including page:

5, web page loading speed: the web page loading speed is first given to the user’s experience, if mishandled, could easily cause the user flow >

2, QQ enterprise online: now many people don’t use QQ? QQ as a universality, convenience, instant messaging software, it is as a tool of communication in business negotiation. Therefore, not only to leave the phone, or QQ, should have online business QQ. If there are conditions, the best professional enterprise application QQ number for the best, easy to shape the corporate image.

Compared to

3, enterprise case, certificate of Honor: how do the company’s service? The case is the most direct manifestation, therefore in the enterprise network marketing website, "case" display is also essential. In addition, certificate of honor, is to form the enterprise website users have confidence.

network marketing and traditional marketing model, has the characteristics of "speed, low investment cost, high speed, low risk", used properly can get huge commercial return. Therefore, the network marketing as a new marketing mode, quickly accepted by the enterprise, even at the expense of spending billions of dollars to snatch the Internet marketing opportunities. So, the enterprise how to do well in the online network marketing, can be more effective, in the shortest time and minimum investment, minimum risk, and effective? It is the most concern for the enterprise station, today made the following point binary analysis:

enterprise station, is not equivalent to some other commercial stations, relying on a strong flow to earn advertising fees. More attention is paid to the user through the network of enterprises, to produce online trading or offline transactions and recognized by the prophet. Therefore, enterprises should pay more attention to the construction of station good user experience. So the enterprise stand for, should give customers what kind of user experience of


1, eye-catching phone enterprises had better use 400 types of call, or can also put a fixed telephone number, mobile phone is best not to put the. In the traditional understanding of the audience, but represents a personal mobile phone, telephone and 400 more professional.

4, accurate address: for personal website, contact address is rarely appeared in the bottom of the site. For an enterprise station, contact address must be accurate and clear in the tail, even reached number standard. On the one hand is to enhance the confidence of the user to the enterprise website, on the other hand, users will have a clearer understanding of the company.

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