Wang Jishun how efficient the original forum to do outside the chain of ultimate tutorial

Now the

forum to do outside the chain of the model is still the old traditional method, post the link to your own signature, forum can bring the keyword anchor text itself. Although the weight now the search engine to give signature is not very high, but did not say no, from the YAHOO chain can be seen, the link anchor text signature is still valid. Here again to share a chain in the local forum, some students may often use, is the daily attendance. Daily attendance is designed to allow members to visit the Forum Forum every day, increase the viscosity, a lot of students to sign in to push for just a few beans and not good title, this is where we released the chain of. In a sign where their own links + manually write a word can. This is also a good link.

now this is still the content is king, the chain for the emperor era, Shanghai dragon continues to do the chain site busy, release the chain address more forums, blogs, favorites, love Shanghai, love Shanghai know Wikipedia, Post Bar, Links platform etc.. Today is the only forum for the chain to share Wang Jishun Shanghai Longfeng exclusive how efficient forum to do outside the chain of ultimate tutorial:

whether we are outside the chain do what place, have their own summed up a suitable method, this way can let you twice, and we Shanghai Longfeng workload is enormous, with the least time the maximum benefit, this is a smart and efficient staff of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon Wang Jishun thank you for your support.

talked about in the forum outside the chain, here to talk about how to efficiently do the forum outside the chain, I believe we often encounter this forum, the forum is very strict audit mechanism, as long as the general will link and delete, but the weight of this forum is very high, and you can do that naturally, the signature, signature anchor text keywords made. The following is the post and reply. In no time, mainly to the original artifacts, increase your chance, if you are too lazy to false content, then the title pseudo, the pseudo title in love the sea search, the search is not to the original article. Replies, the focus is the replies, many people went back to see the post in the forum, this is blind, more hair may also be seen as irrigation, is not very miserable! In fact, we can efficiently reply, first, the content of the post replies to more abundant, can be long the amplitude, probability of that included is relatively large, second new posts, posts in general will be included in 2 hours, mainly to see the forum included the rate decision. Reply to new posts included also the link to your collection. Third, this is important, since it is going to be included, so we included a son, very simple love Shanghai site: forum domain, replies included in the post, although not included soon, but for a long time, the link will be included. It greatly saves the time, you can use more time to release more of the forum.

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