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just opened shop every day to get up until two or three a.m., when awake, my mind is full of shops, take what name, what kind of design is appropriate to store, shop decoration how to look good, many days in a row, people do not feel the spirit, head always dizzy, eyes are blurred, shoulder ache…… The body has gone through a series of conditions. It should be the result of not eating well, sleeping well and surfing the Internet too long. Then I saw a sudden death due to fatigue after the news of Taobao, I know I can’t go on like this, otherwise one day I will also because Taobao store tired sick, what do not have their own health, not a good body, how to fight, no matter what, don’t be too hard on yourself and what to do when you do what. Connect

has been in touch with Taobao for years, and the shop is doing well. I’ve learned a lot, too. I can only say that you insist on, from a small shop 1 hearts, slowly to do now, a few drilling, it takes a lot of effort and cost. I’m going to talk about the steps you need to make an online shop. First of all, you should give yourself a shop location, do network research, conduct industry analysis, market analysis and network environment analysis. Choosing a good industry is crucial. What are you going to sell? How do you sell it? All these things should be considered. I also don’t know what to do to the industry, then according to their own preferences, the start of the food industry, but also registered Taobao account: 5204 are I love snacks, since I chose this profession, I will stick to it. Do every industry must know how strong the industry’s competitiveness, and its own point of penetration, then where?. What is missing and needs to be filled?. How can I get this stand out? Secondly, is the Taobao shop decoration. This is difficult for most people, a lot of people do not understand the code, do not understand Photoshop, Dreamweaver. But now there are many simple procedures, shop templates, as long as a little installation and modification, you can shop as a template decoration.

finally, Tang Daosheng stressed that the Tencent to entrepreneurs are provided in the aspects of technology, capital, income, variety of user support, Discuz and Tencent, Tencent! Community cloud industry win fund, caifutong and Tencent such as social networks, for entrepreneurs to provide a more entrepreneurial form and rich marketing channel is realized.

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Discuz! Zhang Xiang vice president of planning and hosting, invited Tencent Inc senior executive vice president Tang Daosheng, the founder Lei Jun millet and DCCI data center founder Hu Yanping, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan, CEO Fu Sheng, Jinshan network open platform Tencent general manager Lin Songtao, Tencent life electricity supplier division general Manager Dai Zhikang, CEO Wang Feng, LineKong search CEO Chen Pei, to view the investment partner Wang Huai, Kai Ying network CEO Wang Yue and other heavyweights attended IT, common employment sector and the owners are most concerned about the Internet business, mobile Internet and other hot topics in-depth discussion and wonderful keynote speeches and published views. Reporters selected a number of important guests’ business quotations to sort out.

by Discuz!, spray Network hosted the 2013 Chinese Internet entrepreneurs webmaster conference May 11th held in Beijing International Convention Center, the theme of the conference is to embrace the mobile Internet, there are a total of 4000 from all over the country owners, entrepreneurs attended the meeting.

some decoration shop website, such as: just brother, triangle Ling, and so on. Although these are the fool type operation, also brings the very good effect to the shop. Finally, the operation, the operation may be the most difficult, and many people will ask, "I shop opened, how no sales, no one to buy it? I am very good things ah!". In fact, No.


Tang Daosheng will be the Internet industry of existing institutions described as the "inverted Pyramid" structure, which will only have a small number of enterprises to provide basic services, then there will be a number of large enterprises to seize the traffic entrance, for entrepreneurs more entrepreneurial opportunity is in the vertical field of application and service.

Tang Daosheng said that the move for entrepreneurs to open a more massive group of Internet users, entrepreneurs must clear the purpose of entrepreneurship, but also very clear about the reality of the market and entrepreneurial environment. He stressed that in every aspect of entrepreneurship, including the market, partners, products, technology, business models of exploration, the choice of the right partner is very important.

what’s Taobao’s life like? You have to do everything yourself. No one can help you. Before you enter Taobao, you eat three meals a day, go to bed at night, and your life and work schedule is normal. Everything is so leisurely, very little trouble, always want to eat, sleep, play. Since Taobao, eating and sleeping are no point, most of the day on the Internet to stay in school, decoration, forum looking paste, and the seller exchanges, trying to run the shop, let the traffic flow increase a little, just a little bit of progress every day


The annual meeting by

, senior executive vice president of Tencent Inc social network business group president Tang Daosheng made the theme of "win-win" open social unbounded keynote speech, he said the development of the Internet platform makes the Internet business threshold lower, while the business competition is more intense. For entrepreneurs, how to stand out and succeed, it is important to choose the right partner at different stages.

pictured Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of Tencent Inc.


picture for the venue panorama.

, Tencent, Tang Daosheng: it is important to choose partners at every stage of entrepreneurship,

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