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in December last year, Zhao Wei was reported to be 3 billion A shares of listed companies holding thousands of cultural news, we are not from this big shock in Huanguo God, January 11th vanguard culture’s announcement shows that Zhao Wei and her husband Huang Youlong worth up to 5 billion 663 million yuan, and holds a number of listed company shares.

this is an online order water website project, he can let the customer order water to obtain water through order integral to other businesses for consumption or purchase, he designed a seemingly good ecological chain, but his lack of experience in the operation of the channel, but have not done their homework on the three groups. It is very difficult to open the market, when the ecosystem has one character absent, the ecological chain will not continue the operation, which also led to a lack of confidence to project into the late close up state.

the loan is divided into 3 parts:

2011 Jiayuan officially listed, which makes many people begin to pay attention to and start the marriage net project, this time with the customer to find we develop a marriage network system project is 500 thousand by seven or eight friends start financing, but they have to open the company website without any experience, so there is no development plan, website have not well, from the completion of another 2 months, just more than 20 of sales this matchmaker to make more than 20 sales very idle matchmaker have nothing to do, but nothing to do to pay ah, finally leading to the website was launched operations soon ran out of money, the company was forced to close. In fact, the initial stage of the company does not need to pull up so many people at once, after all, the company also needs to boil a period of no income, so the cost control and rhythm of development are critical. If you want to share your business with Liu Zijun, you can search for Liu Zijun in major search engines or micro-blog.

three, confusion, blind pursuit of perfection,

two, no research projects applicable to the crowd, it is difficult to start

, the first part is >

can not blindly pursue perfection when making a project, especially when the project is still groping. This is a specially designed for foreign brands to open chain agent in China business website, this pattern in Chinese on the Internet does not have, is that he is the first, but because there is no good website template reference function changes very much often result in the web development process, for example, see Facebook have a display effect good function will we add up, or see a certain website cover shows a good way has been added, endless increase or change, has been seeking the most beautiful and dazzling effect. Some friends think that according to the agreement may have the right to refuse the non agreement on the development of the new function, or request the function of the extra charge, actually do site Project friends will have the same feeling, if this situation and customer naojiang late fee did not expect, of course, we now have a standard development process. This situation has very little. But this is not the focus, often repeated changes lead to project time line extended indefinitely, it will make the project missed a lot of development opportunities, so it’s best to make a version of beta, then according to the real users to continue trimming, rather than YY, since that users love it.


black Zhao Wei, she certainly is no longer the flag event because "every day is a nightmare" to "swallow", and "you can have in you envy me to me helpless" quickly turned into a "money winner", now the highest paid female entertainment she is none other than non star.

one, too impatient expansion, burn too fast,

No matter how people eat melon

empty handed White Wolf: 5 billion 600 million net worth out of 60 million leveraging 3 billion assets

this is the 10000 culture for the Shanghai stock exchange’s previous inquiry letter reply. According to the announcement, Zhao Wei and her husband Huang Youlong name has baby holding, equity holdings, Shun long Ali pictures, Yunfeng finance, Tak television and a number of listed companies, the stock market value of about 4 billion 522 million yuan; two under the name of real estate also holds a value of about 666 million yuan, other equity investment value of about 318 million yuan; a number of business the business of film, wine trade, 4S stores, total assets amounted to approximately 157 million yuan. The total value of the relevant assets is about 5 billion 663 million yuan, and the cash flow recovered from the investment in 2016 is about 1 billion 256 million Hong Kong dollars.

in fact, although the dragon and the couple are not short of money, but this is not 3 billion 60 million yuan they sell Ali pictures and other high-quality assets to come. According to the announcement of the ten thousand culture, these 3 billion 60 million are all borrowed!

four, copy other people’s items blindly


business information, dragon Wei media was founded in November 2, 2016, of which Zhao Wei holds 95%, is the actual controller, the registered capital of 2 million yuan. Less than two months after its establishment, in December 23rd, 10000 major shareholders of culture signed a stock transfer agreement with the Dragon media, holding about 29.13% of its shares to the price of 3 billion 60 million yuan to the latter. Had to suspect that the company was founded for the restructuring of the shell company. Although the announcement denied Long Wei media is designed for the acquisition of the establishment, but Zhao Wei is a huge gap between the Long Wei media 2 million yuan of registered capital and the acquisition of the necessary funds up to 3 billion 60 million yuan between the need to explain.

is puzzling, why would Zhao Wei and his wife take the initiative to announce their property in the acquisition, which would have to mention the acquisition of the entity, Fang Wei media and the source of the acquisition of funds.


Zhao Wei related assets map, data from the eye check

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