Music is losing watermelon sesame pickingAdSense advertising for clothes

TV will become the entrance of artificial intelligence, and as the music is throwing watermelons, picking sesame – all of the water pumped to the car there, but ignored the eco built smart tv. Wang Yuquan said at the platform of the chaos society.

artificial intelligence this year’s entrance debate is about to erupt around the world. The United States looking for the focus of the entrance dispute, the general direction is right, that is, the so-called smart home.

people have a lot of controversy about Jia Yueting. Does he have any questions?. There is a bias in the technical judgment.

what’s the problem with Jia Yueting,

why? Because it didn’t happen.

but in the future you will find that the wealthy have to be fooled, no flicker on losing the opportunity to be somebody else, or even counter ultra.

made a mistake all the way. Because I don’t need to control the fridge, I’m not

with the computer now, no one thinks Taobao will be stronger than Tencent is the same reason, we feel that you are selling things.

in addition, there is a fun place in the Amazon, it is seizing the living room.


so far, smart home 20 years without a breakthrough. In 1995, Bill Gates wrote a book called "the road to the future". Among them, the smart home has a full chapter. But today, it’s completely out of date.

Jia Yueting is wrong. He doesn’t understand the law of the future.

but artificial intelligence requires training, training requires data, and data from the application is the most valuable, Amazon just happens to have a lot of application data.

in 2007, we issued a "permit website" and "advertising in a new window open" function according to the China publisher needs to make AdSense advertising to better serve local publishers, our efforts have never stopped. Now, according to feedback from the Chinese publisher, we have adjusted the appearance of the AdSense text ads – increasing the advertising font, as shown in the following picture. Our system determines the size of the advertising font based on the format of the ad units and the number of returned advertisements.

we’ve been talking about the need to fit the times. Originally, China is the two part of the people, some people flicker, some people do solid work.


this round of artificial intelligence, who did the best in the United States, Amazon?.

I appreciate Jia Yueting throwing money into research and development. However, we found no, if the music as the car cut off, he is not short of money. Even if you know the law of the future, you’ll find that he cuts off his car and has a higher valuation. Why,

Jia Yueting will flicker. But at least he fooled the real money investment industry to go, not into my pocket. This is the biggest difference between him and the liar. The money the swindler has taken is taken home.


who has video content + AI + TV portal, who is the winner, which is why Amazon dominated. Music as originally can do Chinese Amazon, even more than Amazon drag, however, it chose to do China’s tesla. You know, Tesla is not so valuable, and Amazon even began to go beyond shlf1314.

Amazon wasn’t considered a good IT enterprise before. shlf1314 is fierce, Microsoft is fierce, at least Facebook, Amazon is what, Amazon selling things – electricity supplier.

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