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              also must remind is entered and investors time to talk, you must keep his face, must distinguish the relationship between those homes, those of the center of the topic to talk. When you’re talking to investors for the first time, investors may be completely out of their mind about your project. Just with an understanding of the fur mentality. You have to be patient, patient, maintain, stick, point out, and engage in negotiations with investors about the topic of conversation. Do not refer to the negotiations according to your own views. The scene of conversation must be taken as the starting point and ending point of the topic. Not only an investor, he only wants to know what he wants to know, which is not what he wants to know. Instead of asking you how to fool him. And what’s more important is that you have to mention everything about the drawbacks. Investors are the most stingy and kind of traders. Once he knows the disadvantages of the project, even if it is very small, he may give up half of the project. Then you will have a hard time talking to him second times.

do Taobao customers for some time before, certainly no income, but can not give up, mentality is the fundamental success, we must have a firm goal. It takes time to mature, and this time you have to pay, if you do not want to pay, it can only accomplish nothing. What Taobao needs is time to pay, money to pay, and mental effort. If you can make your mind to make money, then you are half way to success.

4. Taobao mentality

SEO have to choose a suitable method of promotion. A good sales method, once used by many people, that effect is also conceivable, so Taobao customers should choose a good method according to their website advantages. Some webmaster soft written good, will go, like Admin5, Chinaz such site to send soft wen. Some webmaster like BBS post, that is going to like admin5, zzbaike such BBS to post. Webmaster remember is not every method to use, but each method is not fine, this idea is very unrealistic. Method has a lot of, blog promotion, Wen Q & a promotion, Taobao itself promotion, etc., it depends on how the webmaster chose.

, if the Taobao SEO customers can do the above points, you also diffuse half of the success, and hope that the webmaster can find their own Taobao customer marketing experience, make Taobao customers do the best profit.

1. first registered Taobao

with the development of the network, shop constantly, because Taobao’s low cost, simple operation, Taobao seems to be the best platform for guest webmaster wangzhuan. Such as sh419 alliance, shlf1314 promotion, dangdang, VANCL, that today and share the success of Taobao how to do Wangzhuan guest.


 :        ;     why am I writing this article this time? The main reason to see a good friend recently is to torture and find venture capital, so I also have some experience to combine my own experience with some of my own ideas, so write this article. Stop talking and get to the point!

first, the promotion of the time don’t be too greedy, not a one-time promotion of many products, unable to concentrate, to do a product, so give users the impression will be deep, to know how to use the user experience. Secondly, we should pay attention to the promotion of some unscrupulous stores, we must choose more reputable shops, pay attention to see whether each shop is really selling goods, to prevent unscrupulous businessmen encountered. Finally, don’t just pick up a high commodity, these products tend to be relatively high prices, members generally do not buy, start doing, consider the performance is greater than put forward. In addition to the relative management loopholes, but there is a certain market commodity, not herd, to choose their own products you have to stick with it.

this is very simple, open the alimama home page, registration of an account can be, there is no limit, you can immediately use, you can enter the union background.

this article starts with A5. Author: strontium strontium. Turn on

              in fact, most venture capitalists do not know the real parts of the project as light and heavy. As long as the main point is not to allow investors to get your project drawbacks, the main points can exist. The average investor will know what their own profile is like. From then on, what do you think of the investor himself?. And how to deal with it?. Investors generally talk to you about projects, and you may be anxious to ask for details about investment projects. As investors, they will only say "do not talk about meat," and he must ask you to speculate about it

2. Taobao guest skills

              if you have a new idea project, but lack of funds. Well, it’s possible that most people will have only two ways to do so: either to make loans or to try to find investors. Of course, looking for investors is a very difficult thing, and it may be a very easy thing. In the premise of looking for investors I think positive heart you have to have a "thick face" to deal with this matter. Investors are likely to try your treatment mentality three times two times. This is the major premise.

3. Taobao customer promotion model

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