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actually, I also pay more attention to this form of affiliate marketing. In the next 5 years or 10 years, joint marketing will be developed quickly. This development may be faster than the physical evolution of online sales. The enormous potential of joint marketing also let us see the hope for the development of individual industry. No longer need a huge amount of advertising fees, agency fees, manufacturers and agents perform their duties, division of labor. Low threshold, low agency fee, and even no agency fee. The shift from reality to networking has made this sales model easier. You don’t even need any money to join, and you don’t need to spend any resources. You just need to sit in front of the computer and use your mouse. In the or the forum sent to the designated joint sales alliance provides links to you, there are people to click on your links or buy goods through your links, you can get some benefits.

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TechWeb News reported in March 5th, the board of directors of the Tencent said during the chairman and CEO Ma Huateng NPC and CPPCC in Beijing in an interview with reporters, entrepreneurs do not need to worry and fear the Internet Tencent, there is a great space for development.

Ma Huateng: entrepreneurs don’t need worry and fear, Tencent

Ma Huateng said, now many segments of a large number of entrepreneurial opportunities, as long as you get a very detailed place, how to use information technology to improve the efficiency of people, improve people’s lives, to solve a pain point, you can be sure of success. In particular, O2O combines traditional life with a large number of services related.

in addition, Ma Huateng also pointed out that in the past, Tencent walked a lot of detours. It involves putting a lot of things into the system. In this regard, Ma Huateng said: Tencent architecture may be more suitable for some basic, platform, universal connector. Too complex, too deep things, for us there will be referees and athletes problems, and now still a little better mentality. Aruhan

website integrated marketing joint, can be removed from the intermediary platform pumped into. Many host stations abroad do the same. They will be in the product sales and advertising at the same time, he also integrated a joint marketing alliance. Double effect, to ensure that products in the early stage of better sales. And this model, in fact, in order to save advertising costs, through the advertising alliance to get certain publicity. Users to understand their products through advertising, also can register their own web sites affiliate marketing, which made promotion link, help website to promote their products at the same time, can also get some benefits. To a certain extent, this undoubtedly widened the channels for the promotion of these foreign hosts. According to the model of product sales, it does not need to spend any advertising costs, you can get more agents to help sell. Low threshold, easy to operate, so that any friends who want to earn pocket money can join, and all they have to do is to send their promotional links to friends or people in need.

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"now the business environment is very good, we talked a lot about this is to build ecological, ecological is to rely on a lot of entrepreneurs and we do together, because many segments we will not enter into the." Ma Huateng said.

for the definition of joint marketing, I believe have a foreign host sales make friends should not be strange. Joint marketing white is a product produced by the station with advertising effect. Chinese people are superficial understanding of joint marketing. In fact, many forms of CPS sales, even sh419 promotion and business function of the combination produced can also become affiliate marketing. We are familiar with the Taobao customer can also be a variant of the affiliate marketing. Only this form of affiliate marketing is not the function of businesses have, but by the third party platform to operate.

in the mobile Internet era, with social related, like unfamiliar street is also listed, there are many new, vertical field, and even anonymous social, a vertical field of social networking, there is a lot of new space. As for Tencent, with and WeChat, why not direct to do? I found it different, one is a pure mobile Internet, mobile PC+ is a hybrid, which a lot of experience, the details are not the same.

extraordinary mind generally refers to the CPS, which is in accordance with the sales amount of smoke. But like I said since affiliate marketing is a product produced by the station with advertising effect. Then he also has a variety of forms, such as pay per click, guided pay, and pay per view. Just pay according to the sale, it is the mode that manufacturer is most willing to handle, can assure their interest is maximized.

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