Three nternational Union surprise send big prize registration send 15 yuan9 billion 800 million yua

is reported to have been driven up to sky high, in addition to the amount of money has not been set aside, but also with the buyer malicious bid up prices, there is subjective hostility related, malicious malicious auction behavior.

set the word from a first derivative, "in the past, the toy factory will please the master" office "in the production of toys before they made the prototype in the industry known as" the first run". Later, the prototype division with the resin humanoid works Garage Kit, referred to as GK is also known as hand. Because GK is the model kit that does not have colour, the demand to the operation ability of the player is very high, and the price of resin is expensive, make GK did not get extensive attention on the mainland.

looks at the essence through the phenomenon. As a representative model set two dimension economy derivatives, behind 9 billion 800 million yuan is enough to foresee the farce, set the power of money industry.

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Abstract: Recently, BiliBili website cartoon characters "2233 Niang" hand model auction in Taobao, the maximum amount is not set, the model set has sold 9 billion 800 million yuan.

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recently, BiliBili website cartoon characters "2233 Niang" hand model auction in Taobao, the maximum amount is not set, the model set has sold 9 billion 800 million yuan.

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many netizens exclaimed "this is your auction in the biography country Yuxi?" "hard life can not afford to buy two plastic figurines". Eventually, however, the incident was described as a farce.


in real life, go for a lot of people are visible without the "luxury", the concept is mostly a hand to do. Today, the information will come together and understand it, "go" into the dark side.

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in addition to PF, the generalized figures include clay, toy, landscape products such as character model, this category is approximately equal to the English word Figures. For the Figures translation of the Chinese circle is not unified, also translated as humanoid or doll, but in the mainland are not set a word >

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from November 30, 2007 to December 31, 2007, all new registered users send 15 yuan, 50 yuan payment at the same time, sending 10 yuan!

network is now often said that the model mainly refers to the PVC Figure PF, is a kind of polyvinyl chloride as the raw material for the production of models, the material cost is relatively low, the plasticity is good, the market flow character model for material. Compared with GK, PF is cheap, but the degree of fineness is not as good as that of resin. It is easy to soften for a long time, and also lacks the pleasure of doing manual processing with GK.

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