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in addition to these technical aspects, many times the partner may be your sign, the person who makes the decision with you, and even the pillar of the spirit. Because a lot of the time, entrepreneurship is a lonely road, you need a partner.

must be members of some of the information on the recruitment website luezhiyier, relatively well-known domestic 51Job, the recruitment and headhunting network etc.. The editor is to introduce the foreign a very famous recruitment website: The Resumator was originally founded in 2009 by Innovation Works, is an incubator of social recruitment solutions for start-up companies, the website is dedicated to enterprise search, to recruit the best talent.


in addition, the decision-making process is also very troublesome because of the rights of three people

in 2001, I started our marketing company with two other partners. We’ve worked with two companies before, and the main idea for this venture came from me. One of the partners is responsible for creativity, the other is responsible for project management, and I am responsible for sales, and many other operations. But the person in charge of the project management has no experience, often has many problems, and he is also responsible for the accounting work, but also no experience, and not doing well.

review: in the startups anonymous column of the famous technology blog pandodaily, entrepreneurs and investors share their experiences about entrepreneurship with anonymous status.

so, in some ways, joint ventures are like marriage, but like real marriages, not everyone is successful. The following is the story of some entrepreneurs, because of the relationship with the partner is deadlocked, leading to the problem of Entrepreneurship:


I’m a non technical background, but after thinking of a good idea, I started a business trip. First of all, I found the engineer, let him help me make a sample of the product, so I paid 8% of the equity. After the success of the beta test, he asked for 16k-25k’s monthly salary. I couldn’t afford it, so I started looking for another technical partner. In addition, I met a professor from Standford who asked her to be my consultant. She was experienced and broad in vision. She recommended me a young man who gave me a temporary web site that made him feel like CTO. After I found another engineer, he was so unhappy that he left. After that, Standford’s Professor couldn’t get in touch with me. After a while, I learned that she had been arrested on charges of abducting and selling children. And the engineer that new recruit also puts forward to want to be CTO, after discussing with investor, I can abandon him only. Now I have a good team, and I have a deal. So the things that happened before are still working, but it’s just too much trouble.

when you start your business for the first time, you have to do a lot of things, and you don’t always have a good command of it. So we often hear that as an entrepreneur you can’t master everything, so entrepreneurs generally will be looking for a partner to create your business partner, you either know or understand the technology, business, or good at sales, or good at engineering etc..

The Resumator recently raised $2 million 100 thousand in the B round of financing, and they plan to use the new funds to expand their leadership team, increase customer base and consolidate the strategic partnership. In general, the company is recruiting in sales, business development and operation of personnel, and the company hopes to find some human resources service provider as a strategic partner, to promote the development of the company’s human resources. In addition, The Resumator is also working with some venture capital companies and accelerator projects, hoping to attract more and better customers.

Birchmere Ventures partner and technology blog ReadWriteWeb’s former chief operating officer Sean – Ammirati Sean Ammirati said: "I was impressed by the The Resumator only spent a short period of 3 years from a rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprises to become the industry’s leading recruitment platform, which is very worthy of praise."

article source: Techcrunch

story two:

Story 1:

The Resumator provides social network services based on the company recruitment, extensive use of social media makes each candidate’s resume can best be put to each company, and help the company some good publicity to the recruitment needs. At the same time, The Resumator also helps the company to evaluate and screen the resumes they receive, so as to avoid a lot of junk mail and some outrageous job resumes in the company’s recruitment mailbox. The Resumator also provides services such as management skills tests for the reference of some companies when hiring decisions are made.

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