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casually threw, casually discarded, scraped numbers, plus private locks, carried home…… Many reports, many photos, needless to say. According to statistics, a block of vehicles in Beijing has reached 10% damage, if the overall proportion of smaller enterprises can withstand, but how high will this ratio, will continue to deteriorate,

, what are some of the big financial investors who are going to be able to use such a large amount of money? What an exciting thing to think!

international environment: the vigorous development of Internet economy has laid the foundation of technology and concept for innovation and entrepreneurship.

sharing bicycles is really convenient. Old Zhan simply calculates an account, a bike 299 yuan deposit, if the capital put 1 million, a single deposit can be income of nearly 3 hundred million, and all is cash!

after a few days, to the newspaper, which Jintai Road subway, the ground is no Mobell, yellow OFO, and also registered a car, pay 99 yuan deposit, ride to the newspaper to

What about

first pass: People’s customs pass.

China, as a rising star, has a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere. But in the Silicon Valley venture, 100 projects are usually 30 innovative, while 100 in China

! !

sharing bikes is becoming more and more popular.


day take the subway home, a high camp iron mouth, on the ground again and placed hundreds of red Mobell! Temptation, registered immediately, WeChat paid a deposit of 299 yuan, is on the account, with a sweep, open, ride home to


entrepreneurship is more innovative entrepreneurship. A product can be positioned in the future, can solve the problem that can not be solved today, that is, innovation. Innovation should be able to break through the framework, innovation should know how to change thinking, such as the United States’ 3M, apple, Germany’s Bayer has been in the lead in the world, mainly because of the product and the concept of innovation.


pie has fallen and hasn’t caught yet. No wonder in the last few months, there have been dozens of "bicycles" in the country, including Internet heavyweights, Ali, Tencent, sh419, and so forth…… Break your head and plug it in,

: the economic environment of Macao SAR government for all citizens, especially young people’s entrepreneurial innovation provides financial support and policy support, "Macao youth entrepreneurship assistance plan" to provide interest free loan of up to three hundred thousand to the youth; youth entrepreneurship incubator center offers free temporary office space to entrepreneurs, and a number of advisory services; Macao culture the fund industry provides free financing, including project subsidies and bank loans; and all kinds of training programs, the center and the congregation raised platform, greatly improving the young people’s entrepreneurial environment.

in Macao, after graduating from employment or entrepreneurship? A lot of youth is tangled, but in the age of Ceng Zhilong is no choice, because the overall economic environment is not good and poverty, in order to make a living, from the occupation high school dropout and out of work, from the beginning of an appliance repairman, working hard all the way, the way of suffering, experienced a lot of hardships, but the harvest is more growth.

is really good, sleight of hand, money come, so there is no



is cool, too,

! ?

but what will not only do not face the cold night dream day reality! Entrepreneurship, investment, the pros and cons of the account is fresh, it is inevitable that one day to lose everything even A great calamity is at hand.

also reported that OFO has launched 10 million in the country, even if the deposit is only 99 yuan, nearly 1 billion of the real money has also been in hand,

is cool,

! !

from the beginning of reform and opening up in 1978 to join WTO, to today’s mobile Internet era of new economy, China writing the four picture surge high and sweep forward 3 aspects, this time from the international and domestic native to Macao:

national strategy: "public entrepreneurship, innovation" into a new round of economic development China theme and new power, have introduced policies and measures to encourage a variety of supporting from the central to the local state; "The Belt and Road" strategy to provide all kinds of new opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation.

the old bike sharing analysis thought, development process, will encounter three uncontrollable factors, if not pass the tests, then, a shared bicycle may soon die, as the famous financial commentator Wu Xiaobo predicted: become a joke.

April 12th, Macao University City Manager Ceng Zhilong in the theme of "my future is my master" will be published on youth entrepreneurship speech, to share in the domestic and international economic environment of Macao, understanding youth entrepreneurship, and expounds the government of Macao for the young people of each kind of optimization policies and conditions.

is the lack of material, the information is not clear, the beginning of the reform and opening up in the 1980s, is now filled with industry giants monopoly era is more likely to succeed? Chinese economic growth over the past thirty years, brought about the rapid development of the society, but each time there are opportunities and challenges, how to grasp is the youth entrepreneurship.

public feelings, public awareness is also. Old Zhan once wrote an article that shared bike model, in the current China this soil may not live long, because such public goods, the use of lack of supervision. Even if users are out of convenience, laziness, fun, and even inexplicable mischief, they can make shared bike losses too much for companies to bear.


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