The biggest counter attack Huanggang middle school campus principals of online education industry at

, let’s start with dreams. From my experience, the dream has a magical power. As long as you think about it, the more you think about it, the more time it takes, the more likely it is to achieve. That’s what I often tell my employees. Just as things often think in the daytime, they are easy to dream at night


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i decided to do it in the dark horse to Shenzhen when Wang Jianhong was around all opposition, he had to fight to win or die, but it became a turning point in his career.

, this is a standard cock wire counter attack story. Standing today’s results, he confidently announced that revenue will exceed 1 billion in 2014. He likes to use Socrates’s famous saying: "the happiest thing in the world is striving for dreams.". I think more: who simply because the ideal of success? From accidentally entering the field of education, to choose schools, choose to land, from the country’s many talent shows itself, the agent in the network education company turn from a guest into a host, a 10 years into a complicated and difficult to deal with the pace of development of new, just rely on any dream? A dream is to surrender, I agree with the basic conditions, but it is only one of the basic conditions. Brand advantage, marketing model innovation, innovative user experience, you said in the story which can? Jianhong said: "the dream is powerful, as long as you believe it and stick to it, constantly thinking, constantly pursuit, you will find a magical power traction." Well, I just want to drag you through this article first.

source: I dark horse Author: Wang Yuhao

he is from the largest rural village — Chinese; he had "ten years" If You Are The One began to frequent intimate activities; he understood the ultimate interpretation of divine talent is that you will have a dream; his disciples called millions, he completed the largest online education industry in 2012: the counter attack by the agent into the club I have confidence in him; among the 30 eligible China entrepreneurs under 30 years old list; he is Wang Jianhong, Huanggang high school campus principals.

I grew up in rural Henan. Rural children as a child affected by the family relatively large, when I was in junior high school, my parents often arrange blind date for me, because I worry about growing up, can not find a wife. Generally speaking, the village more influential, are eligible to girls parents, mother very worried, you took me around blind. Within 5 kilometers, the girl who was basically good was picked out, but it was 5 kilometers away, but she never succeeded because she couldn’t see our family. Mom worried, think this child must be finished! I said to my mother at the time, the girl I see on the countryside, to find the future daughter-in-law also want to find a city. So my first official dream was about finding a daughter-in-law in town.

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If we have friends or ask, what is the advertising code, how do we replace the code on the ads page?.

1, the form of advertising code.We don’t

basically all the advertising code, is one of two above, the more general JS.

1, < or < script> ifame>

2, including.

2, replacement of advertising code.

1, and the League of the ad code, if in the same alliance ad code, then we replace the ID on the line.

if it is a single page, usually directly edit the web page source code search and replace it.

if is the large quantities of website program, you need to use batch replacement software or use the DM batch replacement.

2, if the non union with the ad code, so it is necessary to replace the whole advertising code.
3, query advertising code.

sometimes, we borrow someone else’s ad code, but found that the process we use, there are often some popups or Trojan or virus, then how should these things when we borrow other ad code to find it?

1, search for "www", because these things must be passed by the general web site, web site which contains WWW, and then search for "com" and "cn".

2, search script or iframe because they are often carried out through the transfer, call.


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