Happy net is Web Game with SNS coatAdvertising as a warning for the future

from the current major league organizations, non stationmaster alliance advertising alliance, and influential alliance is very few, and this year the beginning of NarrowAD push Alliance under the original capital spent to win Sina, xinhuanet joined the formation of comparison, influential websites disdain joined the advertising alliance, or they are not the same as the webmaster struggling to bother considering the consumption of advertising, which will give the webmaster to bring profit space, they will through various methods easy to think in their own advertising platform up consumption, in order to profit. Therefore, there has been a webmaster who will make money through multiple alliance platforms, their loyalty is not high, and the purpose is clear. It is not so, advertising brand advertising alliance, it will be doomed to groups according to the effect to pay, but have to say, the effect will be discounted, therefore, is often the advertisers and alliance website lawsuit happen.

3, where is the next profitable space for the advertising alliance?

Research >

as mentioned above, the contrast between the surface effect and the actual effect is further affecting the advertiser’s query about the form of paid advertising. Although the advertising alliance platform statistics in third party data, even by advertisers to provide data in the form of pay, but advertisers hope is behind the data brought by active users continues to increase, the effect on the aspect of advertising is not very obvious after the stop.

in China’s Internet, the company that can make money is too little, it seems that since the birth of the Internet, it has been labeled as "free". But advertising can be regarded as an exception, they still use the Internet to make money, some also got the VC investment, however, although the last SP alliance strict control by China Mobile, advertising alliance platform is gradually facing a new challenge!

1, differentiation, and establish industry standards.

1, Web Game suggested that now do brothers, don’t be silly, there is still hope to eat leftovers directly online, SNS. Your ability to do Game is no worse than happy. If you make something called Game. One, the user’s company leader is not happy, one, the market value is certainly not comparable to SNS high. Make a Web Game and wrap up the elements of SNS when SNS is promoted.

saw a SNS discussion in Beijing yesterday, 2 months ago, on the Kangkang record. Among them are Keso, Xie Wen, Xiao Dai and other famous artists. Look at one of their mental shocks. Very interesting.

, 2, CPC, CPM, CPA and other forms of advertising are being challenged.

1, China’s SNS theory of the literati home, so SNS really as a social tool to cultivate. It’s not impossible, but don’t expect him to grow big.

2, Web2.0 and 1, 2 is to the center, so if a web user knows who is the site of the boss, and the boss is feeling with friends, this site do not, but there is no problem, or a bright future, the direction is to do the fine vertical. Specific examples are: ants, together, 5G; comparison object: school, 51, happy.

brain shock is good, after such discussions, and later thought, and summed up a few to share with 5G brothers:

so, what’s the next step in the advertising coalition? I think there are several points:

reason: take a closer look at the elements of Web Game: white-collar workers, play at work, free installation, players are acquaintances. The most important thing is: whether the happy network can continue to develop depends on his Game development capability. There are arguments, no action advice, that’s bullshit. Here are 2 suggestions for action:

1, advertising union = Adsense Union, alliance group coincidence is higher, Adsense characteristics determine the advertising must be paid by effect form.

3, Chinese Internet, entertainment is faster than serious things. Users grow fast, come quick.

‘s current problems with the ad alliance are:

4, happy net is not SNS, happy net is the Web game that is covered with SNS skin.

2, really want to do SNS, or do not bother to increase user every day. Should strive for the user group become pure, let users turn this SNS into their social platform, social tools. A good professional social platform is also valuable,

used to make money advertising alliance has three main blocks: SP, bidding, electronic commerce, from the beginning of last year, SP has received a great deal of business regulation, also bring great impact on advertising, most auction business by sh419, a company like shlf1314 directly alliance, self development, therefore, they put in the partial advertising advertising alliance is less. The electronic commerce business with Taobao, eBay and other websites, there is not much change, therefore, we can see that the advertising profits are gradually reduced, if its not for innovation, the next step of the road will be more difficult.

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