CEO Liu Laomu speech fun car only for the 0 001% that we have survived Two dimensional Entrepreneurs

has just finished watching his own "weak looking" made by interested partners, and I feel very deep. I believe everyone is like me, a scene, a story, every time after reading, there will be a lot of moving. When we were making this little movie, we collected hundreds of touching stories in the whole company and discussed how to make a choice at the end of the night. Finally, we removed the most moving stories. Why do we do that? Because we feel that perhaps the most moving stories will make people feel unreal, and pick out more mundane stories that will make people feel the same way.

3. when we were teenagers, what was our inner need? What’s the change of the Internet / mobile Internet?


1., are we using a "after 80, see 90, 00 after" way to see the two dimensional crowd? Before, this is called "generation gap", now called "no respect.".

this is our first meeting, I will also learn to drive the first annual interest in speech, to tell you what? I thought for a long time, is about the achievements about strategy, tactics about core competitiveness about it, or about VR and artificial intelligence? These contents usually have through various channels and channels with we talked about so many times, it will let you feel very tired today. "Small look up" gave me great inspiration, the most ordinary, the most common bit by bit, it is the most authentic, most able to resonate with everyone. So today my topic is called "We Believe>"

current domestic two dimensional entrepreneurship mainly includes social platforms and content platform two paths. Social networking platform is not difficult to understand, as a service on the two dimension in social network; content platform can be subdivided into animation channel aggregation such as A station B station, the original animation content, graphic audio, video games and other peripheral products, two yuan.

has gone through the process of entrepreneurship in the two dimension in the past few years.

today, there are 198 interesting partners from all over the country, came to Beijing to participate in all corners of the country, on both sides of the Changjiang River fun car annual meeting, although we have made great efforts to put the 478 buddy scattered around the country are invited to Beijing to attend the annual meeting, but there is no way to such a big team to complete together, I also feel very sorry.

is currently the two dimension refers to a series of visual products in the field of ACGN, specifically refers to animation, comics, games GalGame and Japanese card games, including but not limited to this, novels including but not limited to light novels, virtual idol, tokusatsu, part of the movie, TV and its derivative Doujin and peripheral products etc..

what is the two dimension,

as the intergenerational population was posted on their label to show their understanding of each other, the two dimension groups often describe them and three dimensional world communication and understanding "dimension wall", the three dimensional world do not know what they are talking about what they want. "Dimension wall" also became the two dimension of entrepreneurship "breathtaking leap", jumped, understand the two element of the crowd needs success and failure.

? ? believe that the motherland!

two dimension,

, We, Believe we believe

even though the interest has become the leading Internet car driving chain brand, completed a year round of financing in the capital in the winter, the unicorn temperament began to appear, Liu Laomu has always stressed that the weak power of ordinary greatness, he believe and hope all the people believe the extraordinary struggle, the struggle to believe in love believe the magic power,


Like other industries,

"we just want to make some changes in the training industry, even a little bit."." This is Liu Laomu startup idea. But this idea has been denied by 99.9987% people, it is such a negative, let us stay awake, adhere to the initial heart. Finally, because I believe that 0.001% of the interest to learn to drive, alive, and live well.

Who are they in the < >

bypass the so-called "dimensional wall", the logic behind the two dimensional entrepreneurship and users in fact not so complex and strange imagination, after all, entrepreneurship or that venture.

two dimension is not far from the birth of the two dimensional group. The first dimension of the two dimension is two-dimensional, that is, the two-dimensional space which is different from the stereo. From the early Japanese animation, comics, games, novels and other works are formed in two dimensional image, with the carrier of popular, its related works in the world by their fans called "the two dimensional world".

Liu Laomu live speech full release:

January 8, 2017, is interested in learning the true meaning of the first annual meeting of the CEO, is also interested in learning the first annual meeting of the speech Laomu liu. Unlike other startups, Liu Laomu in half an hour speech, not a lot of content is about performance, strategy and competition, but more is the ordinary, and emotional struggle.

2. apart from having a cell phone, is there any big difference between the current two dimensional population and our original


?The concept of the

talks about two dimensional entrepreneurship, but not on the two dimensional group and Internet entrepreneurship era discussion. Before reading this article, it is better to think about the following three questions, and look down on the question, and perhaps more easily understand what I am talking about:

, you guys,


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