What are the prospects for dating sites

It is not good to do

Mendanghudui, matchmaker, matchmaker network suffer; it is not good to do, matchmaking, heart tired work of God; for tens of millions of people when it is not good to do matchmaker, said this man is absolutely not crazy, dating website is so dry. Recently they carefully explore the development trend of a dating website, the above is the thoughts of income.

I know about several dating sites Jiayuan, should be regarded as the first Chinese dating site, registered users and website traffic is leading, although there are also known as China several of the largest, but Jiayuan from various data point is worthy of the name of the boss, to explore this depends on the Chinese network first matchmaker "Gong Haiyan students, a few years down in the list of the first matchmaker; marry5.com recent situation is very fierce, do not know what took medicine, recently tried to do flow, greatly surpass the Anglo American momentum, and the positive reference success model, smoothly into the MSN navigation bar; Lily nets too kind, before a few days to do television programs, a mouth is nearly 10 million registered users, Tian classmates this tone on the side of the students do not know what the Gong Biede stubble, Lily network tide seems to have little matchmaker network; I just touched, coincides with the "Qianjiang Evening News" enthusiastic classmates introduced, probably understood, and are doing preparatory activities – jumped out of Zhejiang, ran to the country.

network marriage market is undoubtedly a huge cake, then start talking, to finally talk about marriage, marriage is different from the network marriage love, this is not Platon’s network behavior, network information platform based on the actual marriage. Predecessors such as Tencent chat rooms, more become a small fart child tinkling tinkling it in space, such as new students Pang www.51.com net, www.71dp.com, put a pig is not afraid of hot water boiling water type, of course there are more Forum blog tools, also in indirect ways to provide the dating. The market share of Dazu to VC are blood surging, Jiayuan such sites have successful financing, for a period of time, in addition to a few good dating sites, or other basic IT burn policy, the money made up down, those poor network users love to half of love it was halfway out, not to the bottom. It also shows how important it is to choose a well – known dating website.

here is not to say that the gap between the dating sites, is itself a turnip greens thing, just want to explore some interesting contrasts: brand positioning Jiayuan site is "Chinese best dating site, positioning is" China marry5.com most professional honesty dating website, "51 true friends network location is unknown and looks more like the poor people gathered, cherished network is" China positioning success rate of dating sites "the highest positioning matchmaker network is" the first brand of Zhejiang marriage"…… You can see the super matchmaker infighting? Can see to ten million people when the matchmaker’s jealousy is? Can see various matchmaking sites promises to? Of course, Wang maigua "matchmaker

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