Airbnb the failure and greatness of a rental website

disruptive subversion, highly innovative, ——-Airbnb, the family room sharing Empire, has become the world’s largest hosting provider, and won the Inc Award for the 2014 annual company awards.

admit it, when you first heard of people only through the Internet to send an email, you can put yourself room to other people, will definitely feel that this is a crazy idea, perhaps somewhat a feeling with hair standing on end. However, what people are particularly willing to do now is the so-called "sharing economy". For example, if you press a few buttons on your phone, you will have a fashionable black Uber car to pick you up. Now you can walk into a stranger’s room, stay there for a few days, and pass your keys home to someone else via the internet.

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Airbnb has three co founders, they are 33 year old Brian Chesky, a 31 year old Nathan Blecharczyk, and the same 33 year old Joe Gebbia, they believe that many people, even each other very strange, but still willing to put their spare room to share out. So far, the number of users of Airbnb has reached 20 million, up from 10 million in 2014 alone. This year, their website has provided 800 thousand rooms in the global scope, which means that the number of their rooms than Hilton The Globe Hotel, InterContinental Hotel group, or any number in the world is a chain hotel room to.

seven years ago, three of them, three air bed began his entrepreneurial journey, although their thoughts in the eyes of others, it sounds stupid, naive, even some reckless, but they are aspiring. But since then, they completely subvert the people to travel the way of thinking, but also subvert the lodging industry in many giant enterprises, but also for their own platform and provide housing users billions of dollars.

Airbnb has changed a lot of people’s lives and made them better, which is exactly what many entrepreneurs want. The reason this year has made the company so noteworthy is that they have not only created a disruptive innovation company, but also fought bravely against "vested interests". Airbnb walked this road is very bumpy, this year, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that Internet TV start-up company Aereo’s business model is illegal, as well as Dallas and Germany and other regulatory agencies have also begun to fight car service operators Uber. Airbnb has also found himself on the wrong side of the law sometimes, even on the wrong side.

some people might wonder why Inc gave such a big award to a company that often doesn’t respect rules and doesn’t play it by ear

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