t took more than 10000 to buy a server

just graduated, very envious of other people’s independent domain name personal blog, and he can only write a blog in MSN. Just graduated, eating is still a problem, so these things do not dare to buy space domain name. After six months of work, my boyfriend was happy and built a blog for me and told me, "this blog is yours, and you can do whatever you want.". My blogging career has started, and although I’m busy with my work, this blog update is slow, but it has cost me a lot of effort, blog.clacn.com.

classic blog after half a year, because the research on talent network operator hobby, I try to set up a comprehensive China talent network (www.jobcnz.cn), rarely first registered members, a few days, the past three months, less than 500 members, at that time in order to promote the comprehensive talent network (Chinese www.jobcnz.cn), tried a lot of methods. Then in order to keep an enterprise also swallow authentic abraham. Later, because of emotional reasons, China’s comprehensive talent network (www.jobcnz.cn) for a long time without management, and space has expired, the data because there is no preparation, leading to six months of effort, all in vain. Once wanted to give up, Ann peace heart work. However, when I saw the advice and encouragement of many members in QQ, I decided to do it again.

Chinese comprehensive talent network (www.jobcnz.cn) re opened after the operation, the members received a lot of encouragement and expectation, they are put here as their most trusted recruitment website, especially with school students. Although most members accept the reopening of jobcnz.cn, some team members who have done many things for jobcnz.cn have shown a lack of trust. I see in the eyes, pain in my heart. But I always believe jobcnz.cn will have a successful day.

fortunately, after six months of hard work, China’s comprehensive talent network (www.jobcnz.cn) has made rapid progress. Not only does the registered member reach more than 4W, but also the online members have hundreds of people every day. The number of registered members increases every day, from 100 per day to more than 4000 now.

in this process, we have successfully solved the website backup thing, but faced with a bandwidth problem. The China comprehensive talent network (www.jobcnz.cn) user viscosity is very high while the number of online membership is very high, the database enterprise and member of the great cause of bandwidth load, room to call a serious warning several times, in order to solve this problem we get into trouble. Because the bandwidth is limited, China’s comprehensive talent network traffic exceeds the set value, it will cause the server to block. More times, members will advice, traffic also plummeted. Over and over again, we decided to buy a new server, but this is for those without pay

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