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when and happy when in a China, many Internet industry experts have concluded that this is China SNS. The passage of time, when the new media appeared in micro-blog China that moment, who would have thought, now micro-blog in China turned out to be such a fire, as the Tencent Ma Huateng said "Chinese SNS is micro-blog". As a social networking service, said micro-blog will have to mention Twitter, the so-called registered users has reached 175 million of the micro-blog founder, occupy the foreign micro-blog into the transaction, and in China, is currently the most popular is Sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent. Right now, the two registered users of micro-blog have billions of dollars.

so rapid development momentum will derive many of the industrial chain, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to micro-blog, micro-blog team, using micro-blog to promote their company brands and products, micro-blog marketing has become the current hottest means of promotion. However, micro-blog marketing is still very immature, and now it is still too early to sum up the systematic enterprise micro-blog marketing method, and everything is still in the groping stage. But throughout the current overall development trend of micro-blog, how to carry out micro-blog, micro-blog still have traces of the company.

one, enterprise micro-blog positioning

registered a company name or product name of the official micro-blog, the main publishing enterprise official information, for the enterprise products on the market, micro-blog official accounts, business executives and influential figures in the industry accounts for certification, it can form a right and a good image, released information also allow users to feel real easy to spread. Fun web is a good example of this:


two, adding fans

There are a lot of micro-blog

1. method can increase the fans, first from the company within, let the staff to open their own micro-blog and listen to the official account of the enterprise, also can let you interested by inviting friends to become fans, the business enterprise to put the official account on the site, let users interested in active listening, in order to understand the latest information.

2. if it is opened Tencent micro-blog, early by simple mutual impove the audience, in mutual listen to the topic for the active user group active listening, generally in the brigade are to listen to each other to increase the audience interested users, so you listen to listen to the active rate is quite high, but at the same time the Tencent is also limited, now only a day to listen to the 100 operators, micro-blog for the enterprises, which can not satisfy the demand, to limit the biggest problem is how to break through. In fact, very simple, we can use other ways to hear, such as QQ space, mobile phone client, so you don’t have to worry about the problem of limit, I tried, by this way the day can reach 2000 people, but due to the enterprise.

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