New people buy space explosion strength experience

, I’m new here. Not long ago, I bought space and made a website. The taste of the heart is not clear. Beauty, just one word.

days after the establishment of the station, I see traffic statistics every day. I guess my flow, haven’t I see a number of statistics. Sad experience.

well, let’s get down to business and say something about my experience.

1, buy space. I forgot how to find the space.

2, I told the space business customer service, he said, you can test. I’ve been using it for a few days. Very nice。

3, I gave the money and I bought 2 at a time. One put, one put, so only to write it out, not hanging ads, is true. Management, if you mind, you can delete.

4, it’s not long before the situation happens. There’s always ser… Un… What?.

then, I made a copy of the QQ dialogue, written below.

I asked, "Hello, how many IIS restrictions are there in each basic II space?


answer: 3G

per month

: how much is IIS? How many connections can be made at the same time?

answer: wait a minute. I’ll see that

answer: 40 connections

: so your website says there is no connection limit… Dizzy.

this connection, casually attacked by CC, server, UN, or something.

is the picture in the page counted as a connection?

Is there a connection on the

page called Google ads? Look at my station,, a page like this, a couple of connections, and this

answer: Yes, the call will be connected to the

I was in a hurry and said, "can you give me a little bit of the connection limit?" or "the 2 space I buy is basically waste.".

you say it yourself, this connection, or no one to visit it, no one. Or if someone visits it, it won’t open. What’s the use of saying this space,


you know, Internet users have high tide and low tide. Or noon visit, crowded in a pile, can not open the web site. Or no one to visit, it is empty.

you limit the connection so much, although you can say that you can have 3G traffic every month, but you don’t even know 1G at all.

he is not.

I continued, "when I started buying, the person told me that there was no connection limit, no traffic limit, as long as you don’t exceed the 30G traffic limit per month.".


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