11 key details make your website successful

doesn’t talk much about it today. Go straight to the topic.

1. good URL, good website name

good web site, is to promote the site of the first step. Easy to remember. Give the website a catchy name. For example: Admin5 webmaster network (admin is the webmaster’s meaning, 5 stands for "net" meaning);

2. good space, server

, I’ve written an article on how to choose a space server before. In the rental space, the new webmaster often make the same mistake, that is on the Internet looking for cheap space, and the cheaper the better, ha ha, I was like this. Then delighted with dozens of yuan to rent to the G space (and certainly not cheap is not good), the website program very quickly go up, and then waiting for Baidu included, a day over the past two days, some even a few months later, Baidu does not have any reaction to the site many webmaster, simply can not find out where the reason, and then pay someone to do optimization and so on these useless things. So in the end why? How to avoid this situation? The answer is very simple, that is before renting space carefully check all the information of this space’s first search space and provide the information on the website of my business information, see other webmasters users comments, then the host query in the space IP through his offer look at this, whether the host has really been Baidu K off, because some of the host space is some criminals do pornographic websites and so on, the search engine will be eliminated, it is very important.

3. do professional, unified content,

I’m talking about Baidu search engines here. The spider is very love web content more specific and professional, in fact, is what we often say the industry site, such information is of great help for the user, since the user is love, the spider taste and the user is almost the same, so we must be focused on uniqueness.

4. leads search engine spider

when your site is built, the first thing to consider is to submit it to the search engine. Here I give you a little advice, it is that you can go to do some outside the chain, do some outside the chain of high weight, so have a great opportunity to make the search engine directly included you without you submit, as the saying goes: delivery is not the good stuff, so try to let him find you you don’t look for him to take the initiative.

5. links

link is the key, and now many sites every day IP traffic is relying on friendship links come over. Although it is said, but you do not do any friendship link, you can get a lot of traffic. It involves subtle relationships. I suggest the new webmaster go to see some articles about how to exchange the links. I’m just telling you to find some links that are more powerful than your website

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