Optimize the internal structure of the website enhance the user’s search engine experience

A few days ago

and I said the construction of the chain and the chain of effective moral and maintenance, today I again from the website optimization of the internal structure of the layout and everyone to discuss how to optimize the internal structure of the site to enhance the user experience and improve the search engine friendliness


is well known that Baidu has always used an image metaphor to describe itself as a user like an ordinary visitor. Why? Because search engines such as Baidu and hope that their users from their search results in the search for something is of high quality with good optimization experience ", to exclude some well-known enterprises in this site to drink like a cat on the horizon, caterpillar, a class, because these sites are is not we cannot be considered, so the judge not


this article only for small personal website, small business site to do a study, which relates to the structure of the title page and the writing, the choice of keywords, description selection, content quality, internal links layout, pictures and images, using attribute column retrieval and content page layout, reasonable button labels, construction and so on! Will when it comes to search search engine engine design and participation is not involved in the design, do not like do not spit in my humble


on the title, the title of the interior page is suggested as: Article Title – website name, or best designed as long as the title of the article. Benefits: for the design of "article title column name – site title" less "column name" that is every content page one less stereotyped "column name" to reduce the repetitive increase even if the original title, the name of the website also went not to mention it! We are to leave the name of the site it is emphasized that a brand effect, for individual small businesses included is more important than what! Brand also can be implemented in LOGO, BANNER and other places, so the name of the site to harmless


for keywords, fierce competition, the long tail word itself the site weight slightly lower website to select competition was more appropriate, to reduce the opponent can effectively reduce the search engine Rongfan title content, improve the ranking, the station do not stack keywords, website weight small once the stack search engine included refused to be great. So don’t stutter out of a small fat man, content construction is a long process. Key words, whether in title or name=" keywords" content=" keywords, must follow this principle.

describes the full use of the description tag on the home page or the front page of the channel, providing a summary of the content of the page, in the form of


, which will help users and search engines enhance your understanding of your web site and web pages. In the description, it is better to bring keywords, this Baidu search for a key!

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