Personal website growth bottleneck breakthrough proposal

also began to sit up from the personal website, a website "once after 80 entrepreneurial base has now been Yahoo China entrepreneurial team, as long as we insist on 3 months, will be the site of standardization, sponsorship will usher in the YAHOO venture group. All this has certain luck ingredients, but more is oneself all the way to persevere, make efforts and break through one after another.

many personal Adsense are calling: "now do a site is too difficult.". The domestic personal site to meet the eye everywhere and some even more than the major stations, more widely, CSS style special good-looking, but why the real from the personal website to go out, can persist in the webmaster circle fight to have several


personal websites show a lot of bottlenecks compared to large sites. The following is my work in the webmaster circle sum up some experience,.

one, the target should be large, more detailed.

Chinese tradition has a saying, "what’s flying in the woods? No bird wants to do it. How can you show your hope?"

personal point of view: in fact, many webmaster, also have big dreams and goals, what plans are difficult to implement, with many personal webmaster, they have talked about planning difficult to implement to create China entrepreneurial success, is powerless". I think the reason for the plan is to refine the problem.

personal experience: the strength to adhere to is great, the plan is refined to every day, every day what to do, it must be done, so as to unite the greatest competitiveness. I think the individual webmaster should make sure their own maximum competitiveness in where, that is, your real ability in where,


two, do the real content, do high-quality webmaster.

I’ve seen a lot of sites, most of the content is collected over, and occasionally saw a few original articles, but personal judgment too strong.

personal point of view: I do not support the originality of the article, personal webmaster can not do so much original every day.

personal experience: the quality of the webmaster reflects 1, the collation of resources, integration, so that the formation of the user really helpful information. 2, never make a judgment of judgment.

three, the site should be sound, not comprehensive.

I am most opposed to a large number of Web site system acquisition, even if you have to collect their own handling. Content to do more comprehensive, will not bring growth to the site progress.

personal point of view: personal webmaster must have this mentality, web site is not equal to a comprehensive website.

personal experience: doing content tracking can help you build a sound web site. Like spider web, I’ll open the spider theory of team research in the future, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

four, know what the user needs and what the search engine likes.

users need >

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