A brief talk on Network Marketing Persuasion

we are not afraid of asking questions constantly, but we are afraid that our customers will disappear after we have asked them.

persuasion – marketing tool, this is not what high-tech, but it is high learning, in a blog to see summed up the "convince seven" method, benefit a lot. That’s what you need to do after a lot of customers with the late SEO keyword. Has been off the site’s conversion rate, user experience. These are the essence. Just think, no! This must start with the details,


1. let others know what other people are doing on the site,

people have a very strong sense of imitation, especially when they are unsure about what they do. This psychological phenomenon is called "social proof"". People feel reassured and often make decisions based on the behavior of others. They assume that others have more knowledge, or more than they know.

online social proof must:

– that’s the reason for showing popular items.

– that’s why the customers who bought these things bought something and what they were paying attention to".

– something that sells well must be shown in a striking place.

– can prove website or product authoritative information or certificate, let everybody know.

– it’s best to find a celebrity.

2. allows visitors to express their views,

used the first point, and the best thing to do is to let users comment and make comments. This can have a huge impact on people’s purchasing decisions. Because of the rapid growth of Web 2 and social media, user reviews become a necessary part of web design. Ask your users to write reviews on the site to give them an overall rating of products and services – after all, these are free content on your site. Compared with marketers, Internet users are more likely to trust what users like them say. For travel and electronic products, reviews are especially important.

‘s view of user reviews, especially product reviews, has become a pre shopping habit. If they can’t find any comments on your site, they’ll look elsewhere. Nothing can be hidden on the web because you have to keep them on your site. Figleaves15 and UK Apple store16 have done very well in this area.

also, don’t be afraid of negative reviews. Users can smell out a mile away if the site has been edited, which makes them not believe anything you say. You should be prepared to respond quickly to negative comments on your customers, not to delete them.

combination of positive and negative comments, in order to highlight the authenticity of the information on the website.


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