Baidu snapshot is not updated do a few links practice

recently, many webmaster friends have encountered a problem, that is, Baidu does not update the snapshot, but the flow and ranking, but will not change. The group says many brothers may be Baidu also before the Spring Festival, chose the site update only, I agree with this statement, do Links here on a group of brothers after consultation in Baidu update snapshot case.

just take me to For example, my station is updated every day. 13, when Baidu did not update the snapshot, and has been waiting until 19, and updated once, and then to now, there is no update. At first I was afraid, but under analysis, it shouldn’t be a big problem. The traditional way to link is to look at the rankings, see the snapshot date, and now it seems that the latter is not feasible, because many stations have not updated the snapshot. I work, to do Links and which station to Baidu found that I actually have been included in the article, this means that there is no problem, so I do Links have special value that, if yesterday issued an article today received that Baidu is very assured on this point, is worth doing Links.

secondly, still see website keyword ranking. We find that in addition to the station as I stay in this snapshot number 19, and many of the station stays in the snapshot date No. 14, but as long as the ranking unchanged that this website is still the link, there is still a weight. But this weight stations will One divides into two. view, the older the better station, this does not necessarily mean the higher the weight, the weight can explain at least some of the railway station is very stable, the rocket ride up, about a month time ranking, but the stability is poor, Baidu once again updated easily. How to distinguish between, first, check the date Baidu included, like my station is 07 years in August to do, so it is more stable. Two is to check the ALEAX rankings, although you can brush, but new station rankings up, not ALEAX rankings will come up soon, so this time difference can make use of.

again, now some webmaster do Links when the first home SITE, I think this need not, some station is indeed home down, but still worth ranking unchanged under constant flow to do link. This station should all be met, this is actually Baidu algorithm change after the adjustment, I and two other stations also shows, sometimes SITE home first and not in the first, the basic flow did not change.

I think, as long as you do these three links, that is good connection, for the ascension of the weight of the site is a certain advantage.

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