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I horse note: how important for pre Chinese mobile Internet entrepreneurs are aware of such a dark horse? I insider, a business company told me that they were the first 20 million users rely on pre fight, headquartered in Beijing, in direct business long rooted fix mobile phone manufacturers in Shenzhen. While the initial development of the company to benefit from this, has now grown into a $500 million valuation China Internet upstart, and at some time ago because of being charged industry limelight too quickly.

in short, do a good job pre installed, for entrepreneurs, it may mean easy access to millions or even tens of millions of users, this user base can quickly spawned the next mobile Internet upstart.

this article about pre installed has been delayed for about two weeks. You must despise yourself if you don’t write.

the cause of the matter is this, two months ago, the boss heard that XX and XX talk about pre installed cooperation, the goods shop is a ten million users, then asked me: is there any possibility of exploring the channel?. So I found the original in the industry is very famous, and later because of the 315 more famous white philosophy students, with a meal of the whole element of the spicy feast, changed a system of pre installed curriculum line.

because the many white students involved, so after the completion of the first draft to respect the first sent him a day to know that the old man saw that deep throat is not enough, then pull another pre professional players (Youku Wei Feng) in a noisy gong South skewers store gave a more comprehensive science. A.

so the hybridity of both professional athletes and some of their work in the wise remark of an experienced person, in the process of thinking. Read carefully, you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the line pre installed market, I hope you can help people in need, seriously recommended to read carefully.

, end the gossip and get down to business.

mobile production components and pre installed space

, the 1 chip makers: MTK, Qualcomm, Spreadtrum, etc.. Status: China cool joint recall of pre installed permissions, other brands are not strong mobile phones, there may be lost to cut opportunities. BUT: able to fix the chip business, that is, the influx of millions of users, last September, seems to have traveled to get MTK, direct travel cloud browser preloaded into more than 100 million mobile phones, shipped to the world. APP stuck in the chip cannot be unloaded.. Unload! No! Drop it!


2, program providers: design mobile prototyping, version of the chip to manufacturers. Or manufacturers put forward demand, the program business design. Several major domestic solution providers: Dragon flag, Hua Qin, Cheng Hao, day fittec, junius. Hao Cheng and day fittec which has third volume, small brand mobile phone with 4G in the first half of this year; the amount of all Qualcomm chips + you’s scheme, is also very impressive.

as manufacturers operate more and more standardized, program providers are now not pre installed permissions, but they reserved the authority to send PUSH.


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