How to let Baidu included new station see

now let Baidu included new website is to let every webmaster head through the problem. The Baidu can say is love and hate. How to make a new fast included. This month I made a comparison. I have many friends and exchange.

decided to include several aspects of the site, the first is the program, and the second is the domain name, third is your own efforts,.

in the website before, procedure is the key. You have a good program is necessary, I used foosun, used dedecms, kingcms. used by the new cloud system, used the PJBlog blog of my own blog is PJBlog and Z-blog. Of course, there are many, but I have not used those before, I’ll talk about the program. If you do the content on Baidu’s website, friendly is the dedecms program, after the inspection, and the new cloud, optimizing the CMS program itself has done very well. The most unfriendly is KingCMS, I made a stand, a month only included. There is a station I was using the KingCMS program, in fact, I think the most important thing is KingCMS in naming methods have disadvantages. Because the KingCMS is named with the Pinyin name, and now Baidu Pinyin named site is very sensitive, maybe he put your station garbage site Processing. Personal blogs are basically similar, but many people love Z-blog and WordPress because they can generate HTML. Of course, there are a lot of people have to write their own program. In the program selection, friends search engine on the program are html-php-aspx-jsp-asp but this is not absolute, but mainly to see the personal point of view. You decide the program structure of.

second is the domain name, of course, there are many articles about it on the Internet, in fact, as long as you do the regular site, is to make the contents of the website just what domain name is no problem, as long as it is the same, but if you need to make the search engine friendly or need to have a better understanding of the domain name you choose. The best selection of.Com domain name domain name, the domain name is best not to choose.Cn, because the domain name audit for the.Cn two Baidu is relatively strict. In a word the best registered.Com domain name and domain names. The first choice of language group, then can choose Pinyin combination, can not see the good combination of letters.

well, first you went to the site every day. The best submitted to submit it again. This is very important, and you need to find some weight high site links, if the weight of a high Google, the fastest two hours included you, two or three days can be included in Baidu you. If you have no friends and you do friendship that you only have to Baidu included you, do not think Baidu initiative included you, do you still need to take the initiative. As long as you can leave the link where fate is, to all of your friends have tried to make him.

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