P what is it from 7000 to 700 that brings the site back to zero overnight

Before I entered this company

is planning to do, do not understand the network, before their own DW to do with a navigation station and Wikipedia quest network, but it is all fun, don’t know on the website! Later entered the network companies slowly learned some knowledge of the Internet today. I consider we encountered in the construction site of the setbacks and failures, for everyone to share, I believe the experience of failure than the success experience more valuable! I hope you read my article, can avoid detours, not detours!

1, day traffic 7000, incredibly overnight change 700

The hospital website

at first we do very well, once included in about 30 thousand, more than 7000 of the daily traffic, did not have the medical station may not understand, in fact, in the fierce competition of the medical website, can flow to achieve this level is the need to pay great effort! Has such a high flow also, patient appointments are objective, every day we are the same, repetitive, mechanical work, contents, and chain, do promotion, day in and day out, until one day, head suddenly told us the website by Baidu and harmonic, we can see, as if wakening from a dream! All big words all fall this article, rankings plummeted, IP is described by two words: bleak! We understand that a big problem!

two, everything is changing, and we haven’t changed,

remember the ancient books say, water does not rot a door-hinge is never worm-eaten is the flow of water, that is not rotten, and often use the bolt is not insect. We are committed to maintaining the status quo of the error in the course site, every day in the implementation of the same rules, in the same article, in pushing the same keywords, in the same chain, resulting in all is the same. But no Baidu has changed,


three, the chain to rule outside the chain, must not rule

for the team to the overall operation, we set up many rules in the work, the work is likely to work within the chain within the chain rule, the rule, the chain has released the chain rule, with these rules, let us work and management becomes very easy, but it is because of these rules let me fall from the sky, the Canyon! Summary failure experience, we can see that the excessive, single and regular, inside and outside the chain chain of human is causing the site overnight collapse of one of the main reasons.

four, word of mouth promotion caused excessive Baidu manual intervention

our hospital website while also doing Baidu promotion, but the intensity has not been great, but since the site was harmonious, in order to maintain the number of patients, we increase the cost of advertising Baidu put the number, I think this is Baidu the desired effect. As the saying goes, fame portends trouble for men fattening portends for pigs, lookers! Not to mention you or enterprise stand! Although we could not find evidence of Baidu manual intervention, but I think these factors must have, because I have a friend in.

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