The five thing a webmaster shouldn’t do in promoting a website

as a new entry in the business owners, the most troublesome thing is at the beginning of the website is the website visibility is too low, they in order to improve the visibility of the site to take a variety of ways to promote, but according to his own experience, suggest new Adsense the following 5 things not to do.

1. blog mass

blog Blog (massing BM), also called blog pollution, or call blog mass mailing. Specifically refers to the blog site (mainly the webmaster’s own registered blog) on the message board or comment on a large number of sites to keep links, to increase their web site import links. Many novice Adsense use mass software to do blog mass, website message mass. For Google, Baidu and other well-known search engines, they already have a very mature algorithm to identify such SEO cheating, once the detective came out, the site will be search engine rights down, or even delete. For the development of the website, this is the most harmful behavior. But if you do not use mass software, the actual message on the blog and leave a link, it will not be punished. At the same time, it does add to the web’s chain.

2. keyword stack

keyword stack (Keyword stacking, referred to as KS) is the most common mistakes SEO beginners, keyword stack refers to increase the frequency of keywords, repeat a lot of keywords on the site behavior. They usually put a large number of keywords in the title tag, description label, keyword tag, and picture ALT instead of attributes. Many sites are not included in the search engine, often for this reason.

3. domain name bombing

domain name bombing (Domain Spam referred to as DS) refers to the registration of multiple domain names, and even to their own master station, that will increase the PR value of the master station. If this N domain name has its own IP, it’s ok. But if the N domain appears to be a duplicate IP, this would be considered a SEO cheating. For the domain name bombing behavior, Baidu, Google and other search engines will these "sub station" delete, if the circumstances are serious, the main station will be punished, will reduce included, reduce the PR value.

4. hide text and links

some webmaster can through the text and links the color settings and background, the text in the picture, after using the CSS accumulation of hidden text (font size set to 0), by CSS (hidden links to link the 1 pixels), the link is hidden in the small character in (such as commas) and other technical means by means of placing many hidden text and links on the web page. In this way, users of web pages do not see hidden text, but browsers such as Baidu and Google can search for it. But using this approach will result in search engines blocking search for websites.

5. calls the site navigation link

to exchange links >

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