Millionaire type career planning


was a big Sina, and Mr. Chen became the number one capitalist in China. He made a lot of money by running the capital. The capitalists to make money but also to a number of occupation managers made capital wealth, such as Tang Jun, general manager of Microsoft China stepped down from the position, did not affect his occupation of the road, but has become Chinese first "work emperor", worth four hundred million.

Chen Tianqiao became the richest Internet, Tang Jun was a huge success, and worth of capital quickly jump up, because they know how to use the workplace rules and capital operation under the market economy, and master the methods and rules is the short cut to success. Let’s take a look at these rich people’s careers. In career planning, we call these people "career rich" careers.

what is "millionaire type" career


‘s so-called "millionaire" career, that is, understanding of the current market economy in the capital operation of the professional law, in the corresponding rapid expansion and development of enterprises, the initiative to seek a personal career planning.


occupation overseas educated people, seen the market development rule of capital operation, the opportunity to find their own achievements to occupation development process in the capital operation of enterprises or capital operation in point. They have been inspired and enlightened by their career ideas, and have taken the initiative to plan their career development.

Occupation career

"millionaire" type is the advanced occupation career, because these people deeply understand the market occupation, economic and personal occupation development are inseparable, social environment and economic structure is what will bring to me personally, what an opportunity. They don’t shut their doors and think what kind of things I’m going to do, what kind of boss will recognize me, and what I’m going to do. Although this is also a career concept of people, but this belongs to a slightly lower level, a high level of people, he can take personal fate to the fate of the times.

this is the era of the Internet, mass consumer demand entertainment, Shanda is its own entertainment empire with sina on the advantages of adding to the portal, and join forces to adapt to the trend of the times. Can expect such a grand capital operation, generous and find their own opportunities for development of professional people, can rise rapidly and make double the value. Just like the professional managers of Shanda and Sina, they are the ultimate beneficiaries of the capital operation.

therefore, "millionaire type" career emphasizes the success of the enterprise in the operation of capital, rather than through entrepreneurship or investment enrichment. That is to say, today, in order to become a professional tycoon in the business structure, must be in the capital operation of the enterprise work. To the present grand company CEO Tang Jun, for example, the original Tang Jun in the Microsoft Corp, even in the world’s top 500 enterprises, he can not become rich. But when he went to the Grand Palace, he had the chance to be ">"

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