Network advertising flow 13 is machine brush false traffic the boss know

has statistics that 85% ads on the Internet are invalid, no one to see. Now that 1/3 is fake traffic in advertising traffic, as an advertiser, boss, do you know when you’re advertising?


‘s Wall Street Journal reported a well-known fact: at least 1/3 of online advertising traffic was faked, using botnet and robot programs.

"robot traffic" cheats advertisers because the average ad is charged based on the amount of view. Counterfeiters build websites with false traffic and collect advertisers’ money through middlemen. The middleman aggregated the advertising sites of many websites and sold them for most Internet publishers.

The key question for

is whether advertisers will change if there are more signs of fraud, and many advertisers are worried.

According to people familiar with the matter, several large advertisers, including L’OREAL and general motors, found that their online advertising sites were affected by false traffic,

said. These examples threaten advertisers’ confidence in the effectiveness of digital advertising as compared to traditional media such as television.

comment: on the one hand to spend heavily cast website, the original flow less than half of these ads are false, on the other hand hard ads most did not see, is not a bit chilling? Some people may say that one thousand people, as long as there is a bill to make Hi, but those hi not


    source: Beijing scholar


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