Wenzhou chamber of Commerce and college students to start a dialogue

Wenzhou businessman has been a group of investors on behalf of the very eyes, and has the courage and courage, let them in on the road of entrepreneurship benefited in every way. Recently, a group of people came to the Wenzhou chamber of Commerce, Zhejiang Gongshang University, and students engage in entrepreneurial dialogue.

know this Zhejiang all the way to the sea from the struggle over, the students will not miss the opportunity. There is a boy who asked directly, which is now suitable for college students entrepreneurship. Su Weifeng recommended the Internet financial industry, environmental health industry, education industry, new energy vehicles, etc.. He said that although the industry is a promising industry, it is important to entrepreneurs itself has not engaged in this line of business is the talent advantage, advantage and industry themselves together, rather than watching others make money to ride.

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