On the future development of QQ non mainstream site

QQ non mainstream site I think everyone not unfamiliar, whether new or old station, the webmaster should know that QQ non mainstream site but a piece of fat meat, actually you can go take a look at the Baidu search volume, non mainstream on day 40 thousand, QQ space 60 thousand, there are 2 words the long tail, should add up to is a staggering figure.


how to do these two kinds of sites, from the data in the network there are a large number of QQ non mainstream site, the basic can be used to describe the flood, but the real success of the site is not much, but my QQ group, QQ space station alliance every day I can see the group of friends are crying in site Baidu K, and Baidu pull hair do the station I feel is not very stable, remember the first time I do QQ station is 06 years when I do not know what to buy, the static space of a 50M began to go on my website when the owners of the road, do I have more than 200 IP excited. Later, in order to do better I stop for the domain name does not stop back to the station, but the last is not working, do remember that a non mainstream station Baidu included more than 5000 non mainstream stations can be included so much is not easy, but we all know that how much of a IP station day, very sorry to tell you the reason is only more than 100 IP, my article is collected, then the mind is included will have IP, but instead, it was the site of focus only on the number, but not to the pursuit of quality, so I put up the domain name and domain name registration server again the record began a new exploration of the road.

first do have a stable space and a good template, website of the program is also very important (remember I have a meeting with a do not know what procedures, the article to the 500 database when the error data no, I haven’t backup!) I am a junior because the money is not on the graduation of high school squatted a full 90 Indoorsman home, so much money to buy what the server, so I cried for half a month in front of my grandma, grandma look at me so seriously and want to make a career. He promised to lend me the money, in fact, I know that my grandmother is the most lifetime savings, so I got to ask 6000 yuan grandma borrow to start my new plan.

is the first registered domain name I registered a domain name that is very good after the beginning of the record, I thought I choose the server after us orange Internet VPS, at the time of the server doesn’t understand, so I use VPS to start the real learning, saw many tutorials after a month of efforts understand some of the basic operation, midway also restored several times system (no way ah people benzene).

good record finish to start a web site, I put all my hope in the website, do not want to live up to the expectations of my grandma so very hard very hard, a lot of QQ station basically is the same, then I must be out of the ordinary, it would be very hard to collect online "

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