What you need to know is four important aspects of content management

do content operation is a pain and happiness of things, a lot of people too boring, the traffic cost is more and more high, the value of content will be a long period of time is valued, excellent content operators will be very scarce.

is now an age of information flooding. Even good content can easily be drowned out in the information sea of the internet. The content operators are obliged to process and package content and fully tap the value of the content. If the house as a proportion, content contributors produce only a rough room, and content operators need to rough room decoration and layout design, make it more attractive.

this link mainly includes content review, content value judgment, content attribute packaging, thematic collection, content planning four parts.

1. Content audit

Not all

content with the platform rules and requirements, such as involving pornography, violence, reactionary and other illegal information is not allowed to open communication on the Internet, there are many marketers around the small ads with the promotion of information, and the user contributed content is uneven, and not all content can be posted on the platform. It needs to review the content. Bad money drives out good money, especially in the information field. When a platform is filled with junk information, it will affect the whole experience of the product, and the user will choose to leave because he can not stand the low quality information.

content audit has two mechanisms, one is the first trial, the latter, and the two is the first trial.

1. first trial and then

After the first trial

cap is submitted by users to upload content does not directly display online, not visible to external users, but the first system server, was established by the machine logic and content operators in the background check, responsible for the platform to release rules.

first trial and post solve the problem of low quality information flooding, and can effectively avoid illegal information, advertising information, low quality content, damage product tonality. However, there are some drawbacks, that is, it reduces the mobility and timeliness of information, and brings more workload to content operators.

machine audit combined with artificial audit is the most content platform in the mode of the machine, the audit is by setting some sensitive words and special logic, when the user submits the contents of touch sensitive words and special logic, will not automatically determine the audit. Sensitive keywords such as pornographic information, competing goods name, QQ number, micro signal, foul language, foul language, competing goods name, etc., special logic, such as the length of the article is too short, with the chain, etc.. The machine can greatly reduce the audit content operation workload, but because the foot step ahead, especially a lot of business marketing practitioners pressure will think of ways to break the platform set up rules based on sensitive words, so the content operators need to continue to improve the lexicon and logic. >

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