SNS website endless who is the ups and downs in the end

Facebook of the United States to succeed in a short period of time, in people’s eyes are red, the first is the campus network, then a block of the network, then there is a 365hi, MYSPACE Chinese stationed in the market, the current domestic SNS market is chaos, many website program launched open source SNS SNS is a mixed market, but in the end who can seize the Chinese


campus network, this station is undoubtedly the current Facebook most like and most successful website, for the crowd is mainly college students, and now into white-collar and high school market;

comment: the campus network, doing really good, but also won the investment in the interaction is also doing very successful, since it is insufficient: school, why so much greedy and into the white-collar market? Do not do


zhanzuo, is very general, not what people create new, is a doctor in the United States, with the money back, I was in the school when the station also received publicity, but I am not optimistic about this website, registered a look, feel very boring.

commented: "I did not say you are bad, really is I want to say you are very difficult, really embarrassed,


365hi, the station is Facebook, as I understand it is a few workers to use the spare time to do, is in the crowd of commuters and white-collar workers, in business communication and office worker friends exchange, I did not know that this is by invitation station, I registered a go in, have the same building, company and group, can also send free advertising, this is very novel; very wants to find his founder interview, understand this station, according to the observation, still can be created soon, activity;


365hi, also need to continue to work hard, not in place in the promotion, in addition the inside layout and details need to improve, because this station is office workers to do their own, so nagging a lot, because I care about work, I am also working

MYSPACE, this station, I do not need to say more, introduced abroad, started with music, money, resources, rapid development is normal.

there are many other things, such as domestic, etc., these are completely imitation of the school;

my personal views, Facebook successful, people move up, but we have learned are the people, and the people did not learn, in foreign countries, between the two sides is the first email, then call in China first phone, mail is not usually used in foreign countries; Facebook is the enclosed registration and making friends, privacy do very well, we can do China? I am more optimistic about the two stations: the campus network and the 365hi, a main market of college students, a dedicated to white-collar workers and. – 

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