The content of a public number operator’s perception

many account operators, many are worried about what kind of content can make powder to faster, in fact, the answer is very simple, increase the original content of the output capacity, will be able to achieve the purpose of increasing powder. But the problem is, we are not born writers. How can we create new things constantly,



the answer to the question of the number of public operators or the team needs to have a very strong ability to integrate content, and search a large number of available material means, whether through a variety of domestic websites, or over the wall, you want to find all the material, combined with their own ideas and experience are integrated to create original content. Then we confirmed the contents of the account to adhere to the original on the basis of this view, the next step is to consider what the original fans can produce substantial growth, the amount of reading about the effect? This requires the operator and the whole team has a keen sense of smell, moments of insight into the market, hot social events, the audience interested recently the social topics, such as "ice bucket challenge, challenge, smile H5, Ali listed" etc..

pays attention to hot spots, others do not have the most important aspect,

hot spots often have great user attention, but the hot spot is not simply a presentation can be. After the discovery of hot spots, how can we arouse the user’s attention and forwarding, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing powder, which needs to find different perspectives from the hot spots. For example, "H5 brand marketing completely practical guide" this article, is to present a common concern of the H5, from the technology, and the combination of technology and marketing aspects of the reader are corroborated with the domestic and foreign outstanding case, nature is able to achieve the large number of powder, a substantial increase in the amount of reading purposes. Big coffee authoritative view, industry trends analysis, foreign latest data observation summary, hot brands outstanding case reviews, these themes are also the public number can exert themselves in the field.

hot but tend to pay attention to a lot of people, can operate the content becomes less, how to do this time? The public number can be through the systematic investigation of the entire event will do a detailed sequence of events, such as tiger sniffing published at the beginning of this year a "over the past year, the Alibaba under which" pieces of cloth "the article". As we all know, Alibaba in September 20th last year has been listed in the United States, it seems tiger sniffing this article a little belated meaning, some people will certainly think even hot spots are not, the repercussions of nature in general. But that is not the case, the tiger sniffing through business initiatives this year’s inventory of Ali, combined with detailed data, Ali conducted a comprehensive investigation, the user needs to see through the many articles to understand the content with a long glance. Thus, even if missed the hot spot, through the detailed content conformity and the investigation, can also obtain the high browsing and the fan growth.

combines account and brand features to create original content

, someone is going to be in trouble

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