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community, a phrase we are not unfamiliar, a group according to their respective rise into the product, has a certain geographical area; there are a certain number of people; have common sense and interests between residents have close characteristics; social interaction. In micro-blog, WeChat era, vision community has gradually fade out, in addition to some of the vertical community and local communities, they are still alive, others continue to rely on their own community precipitation content, groups of transformation. In the education industry, there are also countless communities, especially the student are more familiar with the stupid forum, it is a transition to the next line from the forum training community, rely on the large community of users, to provide users with targeted services.

however, silly forum is not what we call the protagonist, in "Internet plus education" era, the impact of online education in the field of countless subdivision of traditional education, many educational institutions become very difficult, or still looking for a suitable way of transformation, because in in the foreseeable future, the line of training will gradually shrinking, until the online training and split the world. However, in the context of the times, we have a number of excellent educational communities, the successful transformation of online education platform, with the community for many years to accumulate resources, riding in the online education storm.

NO1: geeks College – formerly the programming community,

mu, wheat, 51CTO, micro class, school start, college geeks and a large number of IT online education platform, only geeks college and 51CTO school has a community’s predecessor, is the successful transformation of online education case. Geeks College as the first IT occupation online education platform, SIG in September 22, 2014 (SIG) and bluerun B $2200 round of financing, and recently in a storm, from the prime minister appeared in the business street, is the only one to be interviewed online educational institutions. According to public data show that as of July 1, 2015, college geeks has more than one million users, occupation technology over 1000 courses, more than 5000 hours of course, IT is said to be the only occupation of online education platform million level.

has had to mention the EOE community in the history of the geek academy. Founder Jin Yan is the author of China’s first Android development textbook, founder of China’s largest mobile developer community, and has a wealth of teaching experience and resources. After hundreds of thousands of users in the EOE community, through changes in students and opportunities for the times, the creation of geeks college platform for more IT personnel to provide better courses learning. In the above, college geeks of the latest technology is very importance of course, is the first launch of multiple course platform, this platform to win numerous accolades and brand exposure, but thanks to the exquisite curriculum content and effect of geometric level of transmission.


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